Tabletop Autoclaves Sterilizers

We offer a variety of high-quality Tabletop Autoclaves Sterilizers. These Table Top Sterilizers are suited for Medical, Dental, Veterinary and Laboratory use. We sell all major brands Midmark, Tuttnauer, Pelton Crane and Scican. We offer fully refurbished units, routine factory repairs and depending on your situation we can assist with loaner/rental units.

The Midmark Ritter Autoclaves / Sterilizers are self-contained steam sterilizers that can be used in medical and dental offices, hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, laboratories, and other facilities to sterilize heat and moisture stable reusable items. The Midmark Ritter Autoclaves / Sterilizers are designed to optimize sterilization output, reducing time and effort.

The Tuttnauer Autoclaves / Sterilizers provide for effective sterilization and the reuse of existing tools and equipment. Dental clinics, medical centers perform highly skilled procedures and surgery on their own premises, Tuttnauer’s tabletop autoclaves are the perfect solution, especially where space is limited.

Scican’s STATIM is the world’s fastest cassette autoclave from start to sterile™, gentle on your instruments due to its patented steam process and relied upon by the busiest of practices. The STATIM family comprises the fastest, most innovative cassette autoclaves available on the market today. STATIM provides sterilization and dryness at speeds faster than conventional chambered autoclaves.

Pelton-Crane Autoclaves

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