Baxter Syringe Pumps

Baxter Syringe Pumps take you from the pharmacy to the bedside. Baxter helps maximize safety, streamline processes and build cost efficiency throughout the hospital.

Seattle Technology understands the challenges of modern healthcare and your focus on delivering the highest standards of care to a growing patient population, while ensuring every hospital function is safe, efficient, and as cost-effective as possible.

That is why we offer Baxter Syringe Pumps, the leader in medication preparation and delivery, Baxter is committed to delivering patient-centric innovations that are designed to support access to the right product at the right time, while reducing preventable medication errors. In the moments that count, Baxters IV solutions, premixed drugs, pharmacy and infusion technologies are found in hospitals and clinics around the world.

Seattle Technology is offering two of the Syringe Pumps. The Baxter IV solutions, premixed drugs, pharmacy and infusion technologies are not currently availble.

Featured Syringe Pump

The Baxter AS50 Syringe Pump provides an accurate, continuous or intermittent infusion of intravenous solutions, drug solutions, whole blood and packed red blood cells. Infusion rates are programmable from 0.01 to 438 mL/hr. The pump accepts standard disposable syringes from 1 mL to 60 mL in size.

A numeric keypad simplifies programming and makes the pump easy to use. During programming, the status display prompts the user to enter data about the syringe and the infusion. While the pump is running, the status display shows information about the infusion.

Safety and effectiveness are reinforced by pre-programmable bolus operation, titration of a dose without interruption of fluid flow, and easily understood alarm and alert messages. The pump includes an optional serial communication feature, which provides remote computer control and monitoring capabilities.

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