Steris Amsco Tables

A superior operating table is a foundation for better patient outcomes. Steris Amsco Tables are versatile, easy-to-use, and built for today’s procedures. STERIS’s wide range of surgical, exam and orthopedic tables provide a solution for every operating room and budget.

Ask your regional sales manager about a Refurbished Steris Amsco Table. Seattle Technology’s extensive library of Steris service manuals, a large inventory of parts, and highly trained, in-house biomedical engineers have allowed Seattle Technology to set the standard for the technical refurbishment of medical equipment.

Steris Amsco Tables are reliable general surgical tables that have easy-to-use handling features, copious weight and height restrictions, and versatility that make them well suited for countless procedures such as cardiovascular, pediatric, gynecology, abdominal, gall bladder, plastic surgery and more.