Seattle Technology Offers Industry Leading Surgical Booms

We are excited to be one of Amico’s exclusive vendors for Surgical Booms. The foundation behind Amico’s Boom/Pendant Systems is their iCE Series and Saturn Series booms. We offer the complete line of Amico’s Surgical Booms. Please feel free to request a quote, click on an image for more information or contact your regional sales manager for more details.

Amico iCE Series Booms are 100% customizable in size, med-gas outlets, integrated accessories, and blank panels for future upgrading. A 340° turn of consoles allows for complete flexibility that adapts any room to the patient. The design promotes exceptional infection control with discrete cable management and a seamless top cap. The intuitive electric braking system, which comes with a backup friction brake, ensures clinical staff can effortlessly maneuver the console at all times. A concealed hinged backdoor allows for easy maintenance and servicing.

We offer Amico Surgical Boom solutions for every situation. The patented Amico Patient Lift Pendant (PLP) is a revolutionary innovation that focuses on patient safety, clinician safety, and room flexibility. Clinicians are able to reposition and transfer patients in and out of bed without the need for manual labor while saving valuable space and time. The Patient Lift Pendant (PLP) eliminates the need to install tracks in the ceiling by integrating the GoLift track into the standard or reverse configuration of the iCE Series pendant systems. This results in only one single structure installed into the ceiling, increasing ceiling real estate and allowing other medical equipment to be installed. Additionally, the GoLift is always charging and ready for use due to the direct power from the iCE Series. The PLP can hold up to 700 lbs (318 kg) with a single GoLift, or 1000 lbs (454 kg) with two GoLift 700 systems. Lastly, the PLP allows for a fully functional console on both sides of the patient, as it has 340° coverage around the patient bed.

Remember, if you have a piece of equipment that breaks or malfunctions, call us, and we can send out one of our expert staff to inspect and service your unit. We also offer a temporary replacement to avoid downtime and keep you up and running. Furthermore, our highly trained staff provides installation and equipment training nationwide. We work with you to ensure a seamless installation.