Hill-Rom Stretchers

We offer the Hill-Rom Stretchers that are designed to facilitate the safe and efficient transport and management of patients.

Hill-Rom Stretchers are ideal for the dynamic environment of the Emergency Room, PACU1, OR and ASC, where its reliability, versatility and durable exterior are essential.

Seattle Technology understands that today’s caregiver works in a chaotic environment dominated by endless challenges and demands, and we offer Hill-Rom stretchers with all of the options you will need to effectively care for your patients.

Hill-Rom’s Stretchers have been designed for versatility and ease of use needed for the caregivers ever changing environment and patient population.

Seattle Technology offers some economical stretchers that are designed with ease of use and versatility in mind. Our industry leading product service provides you with confidence in the durability and craftsmanship of our Hill-Rom stretcher fleet.

The Next Generation Steering Plus System on Hill-rom’s Transport Stretcher is easy to steer and stop while allowing for crisp cornering and control. Increased stability is provided through the dual-locking four wheel braking system, which is standard on all Hill-rom stretchers.

Built to last, the heavy-gauge, automotive-grade steel reinforced frame provides long-lasting quality. Some of the Hill-Rom stretchers can handle up to a 317.5 kg (700 lb) weight capacity to handle patients of varying size.

1Post Anesthesia Care Unit

We offer a large selection of Stretchers to fit your facilities needs. If you need new stretchers or fully refurbished units, we have top quality units at affordable prices.

Our selection of high-quality Transport, Procedure, and Recovery Stretchers gives you several options to enhance your procedural process.

Our friendly sales managers are ready to help you navigate your selections and help you create the best health care environment you can achieve!

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