Getinge Sterilizers

Getinge 433/533HC-E Series Steam Sterilizers. Optimized for OR/Point-of-use Sterile Processing, Central Sterile Processing (CSSD) and surgery centers

Getinge 433/533HC-E Series deliver an unmatched combination of sterility assurance, cycle flexibility, real-time information access, and advanced operator control. These sterilizers are ideal for new construction or replacing older models, offering increased chamber loading capacities within the same wall openings and footprints of your current units.

Getinge 433/533HC-E Series features the new AVANTI 8.4″ touchscreen display, making it user-intuitive to custom name cycles for fast, accurate identification. The 433HC-E and 533HC-E Series offer cycles featuring gravity/downward displacement or pressure/vacuum pulsing. The sterilizers offer up to 24 cycles in two easy steps for applications including, wrapped and unwrapped porous and non-porous hard goods, utensils, gowns or towel packs, and liquids in self-venting or unsealed containers.

Medical devices are becoming more complex and now the manufacturer’s written instructions are becoming more differentiated. The 433/533HC-E Series Steam Sterilizers are validated with pre-vacuum and gravity sterilization cycles at 132°C (270°F) and 135°C (275°F). Preprogrammed cycles include gravity cycles and pre-vacuum cycles for immediate-use steam sterilization (IUSS). This saves you time programming custom cycles and self-validating sterilization efficacy.*

*Deviation from pre-programmed cycle parameters requires user validation

You can rely on our helpful Regional Representative Support Team to help navigate your options.

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You can rely on our helpful Regional Representative Support Team to help navigate your options. Contact us Today!

Table Top Sterilizers are found in Medical, Dental, Veterinary and Laboratory environments. Getinge Sterilizers are a great option to have to keep your facility fully equipped.

We offer fully refurbished units, routine factory repairs and depending on your situation we can assist with loaner/rental units.