Zoll D / PD Series Defibrillator

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  • Zoll D 900
  • Zoll D 600
  • Zoll D 400


Zoll D 2000 / PD 2000

  • Defibrillator with ECG, pacing recorder and AED
  • Designed as a completely integrated system for early defibrillation and advanced cardiac life support in the hospital
  • The built-in ventricular fibrillation detection system eliminates adapters and a “paddle free” electrode system is easily applied to speed shock delivered and external pacing.

Zoll D 900

  • Advanced defibrillation technology in an easy-to-use unit
  • Operates on both AC line and battery power
  • Provides ECG monitoring
  • Large, easy-to-read monitor and printer

Zoll D 600 / PD 1600 

The ZOLL 1600, designed for EMS and hospital use, is a semi automatic defibrillator with a non-fade monitor and a medical report module.  The ZOLL 1600 may be equipped with optional noninvasive pacemaker, annotating strip chart recorder, manual mode of operation, audio recorder and telecommunication ports.  Power is provided a rechargeable battery pack or an optional AC Adaptor/Charger.

The Zoll 1600 may operate in two user selectable modes.  In semi automatic mode, the operator selects ECG analysis and the ZOLL 1600’s integrated algorithm analyzes the patient’s ECG through a pair of disposable defibrillation electrodes which are also used to deliver defibrillation shocks or pacing stimuli.  The ZOLL 1600 analyzes the patient’s ECG, determines if a shockable arrhythmia is present, charges and prompts the operator to shock the patient, Configuration options allow the operator to customize unit features according to local protocols.

Zoll D 400 / PD 1400

Pacemaker/Defibrillator combines a patented noninvasive temporary pacemaker, a DC defibrillator, a non-fade monitor, and an annotating strip chart recorder in an integral, self-contained instrument. The PD 1400 is lightweight, compact, and can be transported with a patient. Power is provided by an easily replaceable battery pack. The battery pack can be quickly recharged and tested, using the ZOLL Battery Support System.

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