Zimmer ATS 750 Tourniquet

  • ZimmerATS750Tourniquet

The Zimmer ATS 750 Automatic Tourniquet is a lightweight unit and very user-friendly. It uses ambient air instead of using nitrogen tanks. The microprocessor controls provide accuracy and speed. The ATS 750 can be used on the countertop or with a pole mount.


Zimmer ATS 750 Tourniquet System

  • Uses ambient air and not nitrogen tanks
  • Microprocessor controls provide accuracy and speed
  • Compact, lightweight and easy to use
  • Audible and Visual Alarms
  • Large LED Display
  • Battery Backup

Zimmer ATS 750 Specifications


  • Height: 8 in
  • Width: 7 in
  • Depth: 7.9 in
  • Weight: 6.5 lbs


  • Controls: On/Standby switch, pressure switch, time switch, cuff inflate and alarm silence switch.
  • Display: Pressure – Red 14 segment light emitting diodes (LED), Time – Red 14 segment LED, AC Indicator light – Green LED.
  • Cuff Pressure Range: 50-475 mmHg, 5 mmHg increments
  • Pressure Accuracy: +/-5 mmHg (50-475 mmHg)
  • Pressure Regulation: +/-6 mmHg of set point (10 second average under non-transient conditions without external leaks)
  • Maximum Pressure: 475 mmHg cuffs
  • Time Alarm Set Range: 0-240 minutes, 5-minute increments
  • Timer Accuracy: 0.25% of elapsed time
  • Internal Diagnosis: Program, memory, watchdog timer, transducer calibration, improper valve actuation