Zimmer ATS 4000 Tourniquet

The Zimmer ATS 4000 Tourniquet System doesn’t just stop blood flow; we strive to personalize pressure for the patient by delivering the minimum tourniquet pressure at a specific time, with a specific cuff, for a specific patient limb. It has been found that when applying a lower tourniquet pressure is results in less post-operative pain. Using Personalized Pressure Technology the ATS 4000 can minimize tourniquet pressure and pressure gradients. This helps reduce the risk of nerve-related injuries.


Zimmer ATS 4000 Tourniquet System Features

  • Number of ports: Dual ports
  • Number of Potential Cuffs: Dual Cuff
  • Mounting Options: Table or Pole
  • Battery type: Lithium-Ion
  • Battery Life: 6-Hours
  • User Interface: Touchscreen
  • Display: 8.4″ Color
  • Limb Occlusion Pressure: Yes
  • Line Occlusion Detection (Acoustic Reflectometry): Yes
  • Cuff Alert: Yes
  • Automatic IVRA Cuff Lock-Out: Yes
  • Advanced Leak Detection: Yes
  • Pre-Op Cuff Test: Yes
  • Compliant with International Alarm Standard 60601-1-8