Ziehm Vision² Vario 3D C-Arm

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A masterpiece of engineering, the Ziehm Vision² Vario 3D integrates multiplanar reconstructions and 3D volume rendering into a space-saving design. The system delivers more than 4,000 shades of gray. The crystal-clear and distortion-free 3D images provide maximum intraoperative visualization of anatomical structures. The CT like reconstructions can be combined with navigation systems. The C-arm’s 3D data enables surgeons to perform image-guided surgery with great accuracy. Ziehm Vision² Vario 3D is ideal for applications such as orthopedics, spine surgery, and neurosurgical procedures. Intuitive touchscreens on both the C-arm and monitor cart make changing from 2D fluoroscopy to the 3D mode with one simple keystroke.


Ziehm Vision² Vario 3D C-Arm Features

  • Intraoperative 3D imaging with up to 512 voxel image volume
  • Intuitive workflow with synchronized TFT touchscreens on C-arm and monitor cart
  • CCD camera with high-dynamic range for 2D and 3D images of selected anatomical structures
  • Variable isocenter for easy positioning

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