Ziehm Exposcop 7000 C-Arm

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The Ziehm Exposcop 7000 C-Arm has a High-Frequency X-Ray Generator – 20,000 Hz which is sufficient to get the penetration necessary for even large patients or dense tissue. Whatever the area, no matter the patient, the Exposcop 7000 has the power and the efficiency to give you solid clear images.


Ziehm Exposcop 7000 C-Arm Features

  • High frequency x-ray generator 20,000 Hz
  • 9/6″ dual field image intensifier
  • Body region and application specific keys – Extremities, Chest, Head, Spine, Hip, Metal, Soft tissue, 1/2 dose
  • 17” Monitor (anti-glare) 120 Hz
  • 5” Slave Control Monitor on back of TV monitor (for technician)
  • Black and White Video Graphic Paper Printer (Optional)
  • Iris and slot collimator
  • Fluoroscopic operation from 40 kV to 110 kV at 0.2 – 6 mA and pulse modes
  • Radiographic operation from 40 kV to 110 kV at 20 mA
  • 8 mA mode for special procedure
  • Image rotation
  • Frame image storage
  • Last image hold
  • Integrated cable pushers allow for easy maneuverability and positioning
  • Large Patient Diameter Key

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