Univent 754 Ventilator

  • Univent-754-Ventilator

The Impact Univent Eagle 754 is completely self-contained and requires no outside gas. Featuring an internal compressor and blender, it offers PEEP with a controlled assist, SIMV, Intubated CPAP, and CMV (for apnea backup) ventilation modes. Bright graphics LCD provides monitoring and alarm settings. An interactive demo/teaching mode assures fast startup sequence in as little as three steps. EMI/RFI and Air Medical certified. Limited availability. Unlike anything you have ever seen before, the Eagle is an engineering marvel that adds to the Uni-Vent list of accomplishments. Imagine a self-contained ventilator-compressor-blender weighing just over 12-pounds, with a graphics display, powerful monitors and alarms, an interactive demo/teaching mode, and fast startup sequence that allows you to begin operation in as few as 3-steps.


Univent 754 Ventilator Features

  • Portable ventilator
  • Compact and Lightweight

Operating Modes

  • ACV – with/without PEEP, SIGH, and PRESSURE PLATEAU
  • SIMV – with/without PEEP SIGH and PRESSURE PLATEAU
  • CPAP – with/without PEEP
  • CMV – for Apnea backup of ACV, SIMV and CPAP


  • Deliverable Gas(es) Air (Internal Compressor, External 50-PSI); Oxygen (External 50-PSI)
  • Tidal Volume Range 0 to 3000 mL
  • I:E Ratio 1:1 Preset, Adjustable 1:1 to 1:599
  • Sensitivity Default, 1.5 to 2.0 cmH2O; Adjustable, 1.0 to 6.0 cmH2O
  • Flow Rate Adjustable, 0 to approximately 60 LPM (0 to approximately 1000 ml/sec)
  • Ventilation Rate Adjustable, 1 to 150 bpm, in 1bpm increments (±1 digit on the display panel)
  • Inspiration Time Adjustable, 0.1 to 3 sec, in 0.1 sec increments (±1 digit on the display panel); 1:2 I:E RATION preset
  • FiO2 Adjustable, 21% to 100% (Internal Air/Oxygen Mixer), resolution in 1% increments, accurate to within ±10%
  • Low-Pressure Alarm Adjustable, 0 to 50 cmH2O, in 1 cmH2O increment (±1 digit on the display panel)
  • High-Pressure Alarm Adjustable, 15 to 100 cmH2O, in 1 cmH2O increment (±1 digit on the display panel)
  • Peek Inspiratory Pressure Relief Adjustable, 15 to 100 cmH2O, in 1 cmH2O increment (±1 digit on the display panel)
  • Pressure Plateau Range, 5 to 90 cmH2O (referenced to HIGH-PRESSURE ALARM set-point)
  • Assist/SIMV Sensitivity Default, 1.5 to 2.0cmH2Obellow end pressure
  • PEEP Program range 1 to 20 cmH2O, in 1 cmH2O increment (±1 digit on the display panel)
  • Sigh Occurs once every 100-ventilations or 7-minutes, whichever occurs first. Sigh duration = 150% Vt (truncated to a combined maximum of 3 seconds)
  • Liquid Crystal Display External Air, Sigh, PEEP, Pressure Plateau, High-Pressure Alarm Setting, Low-Pressure Alarm Setting, Ventilation Rate, Inspiration time/I:E Ratio, Tidal Volume, Air/Oxygen Mixer, Mode, Inspiration/Exhalation, Power, Pear Airway Pressure, Mean Airway Pressure, Digital Bar Graph, High/Low, Airway Pressure Alarm Setpoint Indicators, Paw.
  • LED Indicators Charge/Alarm/System Failure
  • LED Digital Bar Graph Range -10 to 100 cmH2O
  • LCD Alarm Display Battery Low, External Power Low, Low Pressure, O2 Low/Fail, Disconnect, High Pressure, Apnea, Vt, High PEEP, Ext Air Low/Fail, FIO2, Inverse I/E, Comp, Pressure Alarm Settings, Transducer Calibration, Transducer Calibration Abort, System Failure, Ventilator Fail, Inspiration Time Truncated to 3-seconds, Plateau Volume, Preventative Maintenance Due, Vt Settings, Extended Non-Use/ Storage, External Power Failure

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