Stryker 888 Camera System

  • Stryker 888 Camera System Stryker Endoscopy Systems

The Stryker 888 Camera System comes with a Camera Control Unit and 888 3-Chip Camera head and 20 mm Coupler. The system is sensitive in the visible and infrared spectrum. The optical image is transferred from the surgical site to the camera head by a variety of rigid and flexible scopes which are attached to the camera head. The system consists of a camera control unit (CCU) and a camera head with an integral cable that connects to the CCU.


Stryker 888 Camera System Features

  • C-mount, soakable, head and coupler
  • 900 lines of resolution
  • Light sensitive camera
  • Digital zoom controlled
  • No loss of light, 1 lux
  • Built-in digital enhance
  • Enhanced image of smaller scopes

Stryker 888 Camera System Specifications

  • Dimensions
    • Camera Control Unit: 12″ W x 4.0″ H x x16″ D (30.5cm W x x10.0cm H x 40.6cm D)
    • Camera Head Cable to Camera Control Unit: 10foot (3m) sealed cable or 20 feet (6m) sealed cable (sensed by CCU)
  • Video Output
    • Composite: Two NTSC Standard, 1.0V P-P into 75 Ohms
    • Connector: BNC Coaxial
    • Component: Two S-VHS, Y-‘t.0v P-P c-0.29V P-P
    • Connector: 4-Pin S-VHS
    • Component: One RGB or Y B-Y R-Y-component, ‘1.0V P-P into 75 Ohms
    • Connector: 8 pin DIN
  • Resolution
    • Horizontal: >900TV lines
    • Vertical: 450 lines