Stryker 40L Insufflator

  • Stryker-40L-Insfflator

Stryker’s 40-liter insufflator provides superior performance with unprecedented safety and reliability. This insufflator is designed to handle the need for today’s dynamic surgical environment. Its ability to maintain pneumoperitoneum under the most extreme conditions, coupled with a multitude of safety features, place the Stryker 40-liter insufflator is a class by itself.


Stryker 40L Insufflator Features

  • The highest flow rate available on the market
  • Neonatal mode offers increased sensitivity and flow rates as low as .1 liters per minute
  • The LCD display provides surgeons with ongoing status messages
  • Software-driven to allow for future upgrades
  • Sidne compatibility allows the surgeon to control the insufflator with voice commands
  • Built-in gas heating technology
  • Video on-screen display
  • Safety Benefits
  • Surgivent-electronic venting system for added safety
  • Visual and audible warning signals
  • Safety Relief Valve
  • Internal Leakage Detection


  • Power Supply Input:
    100-240 Vac; 3.5A
  • Frequency:
    50-60 Hz
  • Power Consumption:
  • Dimensions:
    5.83″ (h) × 18.7″ (d) × 12.52″ (w)
  • Weight:
    19.84 lbs
  • Operation Conditions – Temp:
  • Operation Conditions – Humidity:
    30% – 75%