Steris SQ240 General Surgical Light

  • Surgical Lights

The Amsco SQ240 combines the flexibility and positioning ease of a small-diameter light head with the superb optical performance of a large-diameter light head. It’s a high-powered, easy-to-maneuver lighting system designed for every size and type of surgical procedure. The SQ240’s 24 inch light head has a patented optical system that combines an advanced refractive lens with a large, continuous reflector and innovative single-lamp technology.


Steris SQ240 General Surgical Light Features

  • Bright consistent illumination and constant pattern definition
  • Large depth of field eliminates the need to continually refocus during a procedure
  • Excellent shadow control and maximum cavity illumination
  • Optimal brightness is achieved without glare
  • Skin and operative tissue appear in a natural state without color distortion
  • Easy to grip sterile handle makes for easy positioning and adjustment of pattern size
  • Exceptional ease of maneuvering during procedures
  • Drift-free suspension and counterbalance arms
  • Easy access non-sterile handles for easy positioning by the circulating nurse
  • Good range of light intensity adjustment
  • Automatic-Bulb changeover mechanism ensures continuation of illumination even when the primary bulb fails
  • Easy change bulb that can be changed between cases in a matter of minutes
  • The high quality, high gloss finish facilitates ease of cleaning at the end of a long day of cases

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