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The Reliance 444 Single-Chamber Washer/Disinfector is intended for use in the cleaning and low-level disinfection of soiled reusable utensils, trays, glassware, bedpans and urinals, rubber and plastic goods, simple hard-surfaced rigid surgical instruments (such as forceps and clamps), and other similar and related items found in healthcare facilities.

The Reliance 444 Single-Chamber Washer/Disinfector, a mechanical washer/disinfector, is equipped with an Eagle® 3000 Stage 3TM control system. The washer/disinfector is designed with seven factory set cycles: Instruments, Gentle, Utensils, Glassware, Plastic Goods, Anesthesia/Respiratory Goods, and Decontamination. Three additional cycles are available for customized programming to meet specific operating requirements. Each pre-programmed cycle is equipped with Pre-Wash, Wash, Rinse, and Thermal Rinse (including Drain Discharge Cool Down) phases. The washer/disinfector is built to seismic design and includes a vented system and interior chamber light. The washer/disinfector offers both manifold and non-manifold washing and a power vertical sliding door, in a single- or double-door configuration.


Steris Reliance 444 Washer Features

  • Easy To Use
  • Highly Effective Cleaning
  • Reliable and Productive
  • Focused on Safety

Steris Reliance 444 Washer Specifications

Exterior Dimensions

  • (H x W x D) 42 x 80 x 32.625” (1067 x 2032 x 829 mm)

Interior Chamber Dimensions

  • (H x W x D) 26.5 x 26.25 x 26” (673 x 667 x 660 mm)

Load Height

  • 31″ (787 mm) above the finished floor

Vertical Sliding Power Door(s)

  • Constructed of tinted, tempered glass with stainless-steel trim to allow the operator to view the chamber with the door closed.
  • While a cycle is in progress, the glass door remains cool to the touch.
  • Sliding door(s) is configured for power door operation.
  • The door is opened and closed automatically using touch pads on the control panel, located on the same side of the washer/disinfector as the door being operated.
  • Each power door includes a safety sensor to retract the door if an obstruction is detected in the doorway.
  • If a power failure occurs, the door(s) can be opened manually.
  • The manual access handle is located on the top edge of the door and concealed behind the top service panel.
  • If double power doors are ordered, a door interlock feature is provided to help prevent cross-contamination.

Stainless-steel Pump

  • Powered by a dual-speed motor.
  • High pump speed provides the equivalent capacity of a 7.5 HP (5.6 kW) motor, 240 U.S. gal/min at 70 ft (910 L/min at 21.3 m) head pressure.
  • Low pump speed provides the equivalent capacity of a 2 HP (1.4 kW) motor, 90 U.S. gal/min at 25 ft (341 L/min at 7.62 m) head pressure.
  • The pump impeller is mounted directly on this motor shaft and does not require additional bearings.
  • The pump motor is equipped with a drip-proof frame, magnetic starter, overload protection, and sealed bearing (requiring no periodic lubrication).
  • The pump, spray system and all recirculating piping are constructed of stainless steel.

Rotary Spray Assemblies

  • Positioned (one at top and one at the bottom of the chamber) to reach all surfaces of the load.
  • Depending on the accessory in the chamber, manifold the connector automatically connects to the accessory at the start of each cycle.

Heating Coil

  • Steam or Electric
  • Located in the bottom of the wash chamber (sump), raises and maintains water temperature to 140-180°F (60-82°C) during Wash phase and 180-203°F (82-95°C) during Thermal Rinse phase.

Removable Stainless-steel Filters

  • Located in the chamber sump prevents debris from entering the pump.

16-W fluorescent light

  • Mounted within an explosion/vapor proof enclosure illuminates the chamber interior.

Wash Chamber

  • Constructed of 16 gauge, #304 L (No. 4 finish) stainless steel, argon-welded.
  • Chamber inhibits corrosive action of detergent and is easy to clean, with no enameled surfaces to chip or crack.

Double-walled Insulated Construction of Chamber

  • The construction exterior reduces heat loss and noise level to work area.

Detergent Injection Pump

  • Automatically dispenses a selected amount of liquid chemical (1/8 to 2 oz/U.S. gal; 1 to 16 mL/L) into the chamber sump during desired treatment.
  • Tubing (50’/15 m), wiring, pick-up tubes, and low-level sensors for remote location of chemical containers are included.

Vented System

  • The system includes a 1/15 HP (50 W) fan.
  • Chamber vapors are exhausted to the building exhaust system through a 3″ (76 mm) OD vent connection located on top of the chamber.

Control Panel

  • Mounted at eye level to the right of the chamber, allows easy monitoring of all cycle phases.
  • Control system includes seven pre-programmed cycles.
  • Control can retain up to 10 processing cycles in memory, programmed and named according to customer preferences.
  • Once a cycle is started, programmed cycle values are locked in and cannot be changed until the cycle is complete.
  • Control system is equipped with a Service Mode for preventive maintenance testing and to facilitate troubleshooting.
  • A built-in service diagnostic program is included to permit system calibration and verification of component operations.
  • Control also includes Cycle/Day Count Recall system to remind the operator when a complete preventive maintenance check is required.

Decontamination Cycle

  • Provided to prevent the formation of biofilm on the wash chamber and inside the piping, without the need for additional cycle programming.

Priming Cycle

  • Provided for automatic priming of the chemical pump(s) on initial start-up of equipment, or as needed.

Drain Discharge Cool Down

  • The feature ensures water drained, at the end of each phase, from the chamber sump to building drain system does not exceed 140°F (60°C).
  • If water the temperature in the sump is greater than 140°F (60°C), cold water is automatically added to reduce water temperature being discharged to the building drain.
  • Piping, valves, electrical components, and wiring are easily accessible through service access panels (located on top and bottom of the cabinet).


ADVISORY NOTE: Reliance 444 Single-Chamber Washer/Disinfectors are intended only to perform an initial step in the reprocessing of soiled, reusable medical devices. We do not recommend, represent or warrant the Reliance Washer/Disinfector be used for the terminal disinfection or sterilization of any regulated medical device. If medical devices will be contacting blood or compromised tissues, such devices must be terminally reprocessed in accordance with current good hospital practices before each use in human patients.

On initial daily start-up, setting the POWER-OFF/STANDBY switch to POWER prepares the washer/disinfector for cycle operation.

Once treatment cycle is selected, the washer/disinfector automatically processes the load through the following standard (additional phases are included in certain treatment cycles, depending on unit configuration) phases:

  • Pre-Wash:
    • Water (cold or hot) enters the sump from the building supply.
    • Once the sump fills, pre-wash water is recirculated and sprayed over the load for the selected time interval (15 seconds to 15 minutes [2 to 15 minutes for the instrument, Anesthesia/Respiratory Goods and Gentle Cycles]).
    • On completion of the phase, water is sent to the drain.
  • Wash:
    • Hot tap water enters the sump from the building supply, where a selected amount of detergent is added automatically.
    • Detergent solution is heated and maintained at a temperature ranging between 140 and 180°F (60 and 82°C).
    • Once the set temperature is reached, the solution is recirculated and sprayed over the load for the selected time interval (2 to15 minutes).
    • On completion of the phase, the solution is sent to the drain.
  • Rinse:
    • Hot tap water enters the sump from the building supply.
    • Rinse water may be heated and maintained at a temperature ranging between 110 and 180°F (43 and 82°C).
    • Once sump fills, rinse water is recirculated and sprayed over the load for the selected time interval (15 seconds to 15 minutes).
    • On completion of the phase, water is sent to the drain.
  • Thermal Rinse:
    • Water (hot or optional purified) enters the sump from the building supply.
    • Rinse water is heated and maintained at a temperature ranging between 180 and 203°F (82 and 95°C).
    • Once the set temperature is reached, the rinse water is recirculated and sprayed over the load for the selected time interval (1 to 10 minutes).
    • On completion of the phase, water is sent to the drain.
  • On Completion of Daily Usage
    • Washer/disinfector can be placed in a standby mode by setting POWER-OFF/STANDBY switch to the OFF/STANDBY position.
    • Once the switch is set, there is a one-minute delay before the power door(s) automatically locks, and sump drains for two minutes.

Steris Reliance 444 Washer CONTROL SYSTEM

Design Features

  • Microcomputers Monitor and Control
    • Washer/disinfector operations and functions.
    • Cycle progresses automatically through the designated phases, as programmed.
  • Temperature Ranges for Each Cycle
    • Control system features preprogrammed temperature ranges for each cycle.
    • If an operator selects an out-of-range temperature setting when modifying the cycle values, control system alerts the operator with a reference message and halts further operation until the correct value is entered.
  • Controls
    • Housed in a vertical column, mounted to the right of the chamber.
    • If double door option applies, controls are mounted in a vertical column to the right of the chamber on the load-side and the left of the chamber on the unload-side.
  • Features include:
    1. The Hinged Door at the Top of Load-side Control Column Provides Access to:
      • POWER-OFF / STANDBY switch includes two settings which direct operation of the control.
      • Positioning switch to POWER initializes the controls and prepares washer disinfector for daily cycle operation.
      • Positioning switch to OFF/STANDBY places washer/disinfector in Standby mode and deactivates the main control panels.
      • Printer Function Switch Controls the Following Two Printer Functions:
        • Print – pressing the top of printer function switch generates a printout of the actual sump water temperature and actual chamber air temperature during the optional drying phase.
        • Print Values – pressing the bottom of printer function switch generates a complete printout of all currently set cycles and cycle values.
      • Integral Thermal Printer:
        • Provides an easy-to-read printed record of whether the load was properly rinsed at the preset temperature, as well as a complete list of the alarm and abort in-cycle messages.
        • Printer take-up spool automatically stores an entire roll of paper, providing cycle records which can be saved for future reference.
    2. Control Panel
      • Consisting of a display window and three rows of membrane-type touchpads is included on load side and, if double-door option applies unload-side control columns.
      • Cycle initiation and cycle value programming can be performed from either control panel.
      • Display Window Features:
        • A 2-line x 20-character, easy-to-read vacuum fluorescent display.
        • The display shows cycle status, time, temperature, warnings, and instructional messages.
        • The display also indicates any abnormal conditions that may exist when a cycle is in progress.
        • All messages are complete readouts with no codes to be cross-referenced.
      • Status touch pads allow the operator to view available cycle menus, select a cycle, review a cycle before processing, and start, stop, and abort cycles.
      • Manual operation touch pads allow the operator to double cycle time while reviewing cycle, acknowledge alarm conditions, and open and close power chamber door(s).
      • Program touch pads allow the operator to bypass cycle phases and/or modify factory-set cycle values to meet specific operating needs.
      • Available cycles, along with phase times and temperatures for each cycle, can be modified using CHANGE VALUES touchpad.
    3. Operator/Supervisor Touch Pad-selectable Features are Accessible Through Either Control Panel
      • Time display and printout units permit selection of either Standard AM/PM or 24-hour military (MIL).
      • Security access code requires the entry of a four-digit access code in order to change cycles and cycle values.
      • Pressing the CHANGE VALUES touchpad causes the display to request entry of an access code.
      • If the access code is not properly entered, display advances to first cycle (and related cycle values) not requiring an access code.
      • Date and time permits change of date and time.

Steris Reliance 444 Washer Technical Control Data

  • Control system consists of two microcomputer printed circuit boards located within the unit.

Internal Battery

  • Battery backs up all cycle memory for up to 10 years.
  • If a power failure occurs during a cycle, the control battery backup system ensures that cycle memory will be retained.
  • Even if the RAM battery should fail, factory-setting values are preserved in the control’s main EPROM chip.

Resistive Temperature Detectors (RTDs)

  • The RTDs sense temperature inside the chamber.
  • These signals converted into electrical impulses, provide accurate control inputs and readouts throughout the entire cycle.
  • Individual temperature calibrations can be made by a trained service technician.

Water Level Sensor

  • The Sensor monitors the water level of the chamber sump.
  • If water level and/or temperature sensor failure occurs, the alarm sounds and a message is printed.

Printer Board

  • The board has a 24-column, alphanumeric printer which produces characters within a five-by-seven dot matrix on 2-1/4″ (57 mm) wide, single-ply thermal paper.
  • The printer is controlled by a dedicated microcomputer.
  • Print speed is approximately 48 lines per minute.
  • Paper tape exits from an opening flush with the surface of the control panel and is taken up automatically by an idler spool mounted above the main printer assembly.
  • Five paper tape rolls are furnished with each unit.

Steris Reliance 444 Washer SAFETY FEATURES

  • Washer/Disinfector is equipped with a safety lockout feature so the cycle cannot start unless the door is fully closed.
  • If the door is opened during a cycle, all utility services to the chamber are shut off and cycle stops.
  • Door interlock feature (power double doors only) is provided to help prevent cross-contamination in a double door unit.
  • Door interlock feature allows only one door to be opened at a time whenever power is on.
  • When a cycle is in process, door interlock prevents either door from being opened without first pressing STOP/RESET touchpad.
  • The main power ON/OFF switch, located on the electrical supply box, must be used to shut off power to the unit before servicing.

Steris Reliance 444 Washer INSTALLATION

  • This unit is designed as a fully enclosed cabinet for freestanding or recessed installation.
  • Clearance between top of unit and ceiling must be at least 13″ (330 mm).
  • If the unit is recessed through one or two barrier walls, stainless-steel barrier flanges are included to provide a finished wall appearance.


Air Compressor
Complete with automatic tank drain and pressure switch, see specifications on page 10.
Bottom Utility Connections
Allow easy installation of utilities if supplied from the floor.
Additional Chemical Pump for Enzyme (60 Hz units only)
This accessory must be purchased for Reliance 444 units without enzyme treatment option. Enzyme treatment allows the utilization of the MIS accessory.
MIS accessory must be used only with the enzyme treatment.
Seismic Tie-Down Kit
Unit is designed to comply with Seismic Zone 3 and 4 requirements and includes a seismic report for properly installing and securing the washer to the building floor.
Multi-voltage Transformer
Required for facilities with 444 configurations operating on one of the following supply voltages:
  • 240 V, 3-Phase, 3-Wire, 60 Hz, steam or electric heating;
  • 600 V, 3-Phase, 3-Wire, 60 Hz, steam or electric heating;
  • 208 V, 3-Phase, 4-Wire, 60 Hz, electric heated.
This transformer can only be used in combination with a 480 V, 3-Phase, 3-Wire, 60 Hz steam or electrically heated washer.
Remote Control 50′ Extension
Permits control relocation up to 50′ (15 m) away from washer/disinfector (available for Load and Unload side).


  1. The machine is shipped in one crate. Maximum size (W x H x L) is 50 x 91 x 42″ (1270 x 2311 x 1067 mm).
  2. Customer must ensure washer/disinfector stands on a noncombustible floor. (Floor should be level.)
  3. We recommend that shutoff valves and vacuum breakers (not provided) be installed on service lines and that disconnect switches (with the lockout in OFF position; not provided) be installed in electric supply lines near the equipment.
  4. Pipe sizes shown indicate terminal outlets only. Building service lines (not provided) must supply the specified pressures and flow rates.
  5. For all ventilation ducting from washer/disinfector, We recommend the installation of a dedicated corrosion proof, watertight duct to the exterior of the building, sloped toward the washer. A 3″ (76 mm) ID flexible duct is recommended.
  6. Minimum ceiling height for removal of doors is 94″ (2388 mm).
  7. We recommend illumination of the service area (if applicable) along with the provision of a convenient power outlet for maintenance.

Steris Reliance 444 Washer UTILITY REQUIREMENTS

  • Hot Water
    • 1/2″ NPT; 15 dynamics to 50 static psig (103 to 345 kPa);
    • 110°F (43°C) maximum. Minimum flow rate: 5.5 U.S. g/pm (21 L/min);
    • Maximum flow rate: 9.3 U.S. g/pm (35 L/min).
  • Cold Water (if Option Applies)
    • 1/2″ NPT; 30 dynamic to 50 static psig (206-345 kPa);
    • 60°F (16°C) maximum. Minimum flow rate: 10.3 U.S. g/pm (39 L/min);
    • Maximum flow rate: 12.9 U.S. g/pm (48.8 L/min).
  • Steam (Steam-Heated Unit only)
    • 1/2″ NPT; 30-80 psig (206-550 kPa) dynamic;
    • 185-400 lbs/hr (84-181 kg/hr). Peak flow rate: 210-470 lbs/hr (95-213 kg/hr).
    • Maximum 90 psig (621 kPa) static.
  • Condensate Return (Steam-Heated Unit Only)
    • 1/2″ NPT. Peak flow rate: 1 U.S. g/pm (4 L/min).
  • Pure Water
    • 1/2″ NPT, 5 dynamics to 25 static psig (35-172 kPa).
    • Minimum flow rate: 5.6 U.S. gpm (15.9 L/min).
    • Recommended minimum specific resistivity of 0.1 megohms per cm.
  • Ventilation
    • 3″ (76 mm) O.D.; 75 scfm (2.123 m3/sec.).
  • Drain
    • 2″ NPT; a 4″ (102 mm) O.D. floor funnel or open drain, and 4″ (102 mm) O.D. floor sink is recommended.
    • Gravity drain maximum flow rate: 15 U.S. g/pm (57 L/min).
    • Pump drain maximum flow rate: 90 U.S. g/pm (342L/min).
  • Electricity
    • 3/4″ (19 mm) conduit size; 1″ (25.4 mm) if over 24 Amps.
  • Electricity (Steam-Heated Unit) With Drying System
    • 120/208 V, 60 Hz, 3-Phase, 4-Wire, 27 Amps; or
    • 480 V, 60 Hz, 3-Phase, 3-Wire, 12.5 Amps; or
    • 380/400/415 V, 50 Hz, 3-Phase, 3-Wire, 13 Amps; or
    • 600 V, 60 Hz, 3-Phase, 3-Wire, 12 Amps.
  • Electricity (Steam-Heated Unit) without Drying System
    • 120/208 V, 60 Hz, 3-Phase, 4-Wire, 14.5 Amps; or
    • 480 V, 60 Hz, 3-Phase, 3-Wire, 7 Amps; or
    • 380/400/415 V, 50 Hz, 3-Phase, 3-Wire, 7 Amps; or
    • 600 V, 60 Hz, 3-Phase, 3-Wire, 9 Amps.
  • Electricity (Electric-Heated Unit) with or without Drying System
    • 480 V, 60 Hz, 3-Phase, 3-Wire, 26.5 Amps; or
    • 380/400/415 V, 50 Hz, 3-Phase, 3-Wire, 31 Amps; or
    • 600 V, 60 Hz, 3-Phase, 3-Wire, 24 Amps.

Steris Reliance 444 Washer NOTES

  1. On 380/400/415 V units, NPT fittings are replaced by BSPT.
  2. Vent connection not required if non-vented vapor condenser option is selected.


The Reliance 444 Single-Chamber Washer/Disinfector meets the applicable requirements of the following standards:

  • Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Standard 61010-1

Additional information