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The Steris Reliance 333 Washer is a single door washer designed for under-counter installation or freestanding. The washer features a state-of-the-art microcomputer control with a user-friendly operator interface.

The Reliance 333 Washer/Disinfector is intended for automated cleaning, low-level disinfection, and drying of reusable general surgical instruments prior to sterilization in outpatient /same-day surgery departments, surgical centers, and ambulatory care centers. Reusable, hard-surfaced, general surgical instruments, minimally invasive surgery (MIS) rigid instruments, and microsurgical instruments may be processed in this unit. The Reliance 333 Washer /Disinfector is a single door, counter height washer/disinfector, designed for under-counter installation, or as a freestanding unit. The standard pull-down door facilitates unit loading. A load-lifting door is also available. The washer/disinfector features state-of-the-art microcomputer control with a user-friendly operator interface.


Steris Reliance 333 Washer Disinfector Features

  • Pre-programmed with six cycles, including an optional lubrication phase
  • Cold water pre-wash
  • Enzyme wash utilizing a pulsed spraying pattern for effective protein removal
  • Neutral detergent wash with bi-directional spray arms on top and bottom of each load level
  • Thorough rinsing of instruments
  • Guaranteed thermal disinfection rinse at minimum 180° F for 1 minute
  • Instrument lubricant added during thermal rinse
  • HEPA Filter drying of complete load

Steris Reliance 333 Washer Disinfector Specifications

Exterior Dimensions:

  • 38 x 34* x 29″ (965 x 864 x 736 mm)
    • *35-1/2″ (903 mm) high with countertop

Interior Wash Chamber Dimensions:

  • 24 x 19 x 23″ (610 x 482 x 585 mm)

Load Height:

  • With manual (pull-down) door: 11-12″ (292 mm)
  • Optional load lifting door, lowered: 11-12″ (292 mm)
  • Optional load lifting door, raised: 27-1/4″ (692 mm)

Front-loading drop-down Door:

Constructed of #316 stainless steel covered with a plastic panel. The tempered glass window allows the operator to view the chamber interior while a cycle is in progress. The door panel and glass window remain cool to the touch.

  • Pressing the UNLOCK pushbutton opens the door.
  • Safety door switch prevents the start of a cycle if the door is not fully closed.

Insulated Construction:

  • Chamber exterior reduces heat loss and noise level to the work area.

Wash Chamber:

  • Constructed of 20 gauge, #316L stainless steel (No. 4 finish).
  • Stainless-steel chamber inhibits corrosive action of detergents.

Interior Fluorescent Light:

  • Allows the operator to view (process/load) during the cycle, and has a 20,000-hour life expectancy.

Rotary Spray Assembly:

  • Constructed of #304L stainless steel (No. 4 finish) and positioned at the top of the wash chamber to assure complete coverage of all the load surfaces.
  • The accessory manifold connector, located at the back of the wash chamber, automatically connects to the accessory when pushed into position.

Heating Coils:

  • Constructed of Incoloy iron-nickel-chromium alloy, located at the bottom of the wash chamber, raise and maintain water temperature to 140°F (60°C) during the Wash phase, and to 203°F (95°C) during the Thermal Rinse phase.
  • The air in the chamber during the optional Drying phase will reach a maxi­mum temperature of 200° F (93.3°C) if the drying temperature is set at LOW, or will reach 240°F (115°C) if the temperature is set at HIGH.

Removable Debris Screen:

  • Constructed of #304 L stainless steel (No. 4 finish), located at the bottom of the sump, prevents large debris from entering the piping system and pump.

Three-shelf Detergent Compartment:

  • Located to the right of the wash chamber and can hold three different types of chemi­cals:
    • Renu-Klenz
    • Neutral pH Detergent Klenzyme
    • Enzymatic Presoak and Cleaner
    • Hinge Free Concentrate Instrument Lubricant
  • Chemicals are available in easy-to-install, biodegrad­able, bag-in-a-box-type containers.
  • Chemical pumps are located under the wash chamber door, behind the service access panel.
  • An empty bag is detected by a vacuum switch triggering an alarm alerting the operator a container needs to be replaced.

Stainless-steel Pump:

  • Is a 3/4 HP, with a 50 U.S. gal/minute at 40 ft. (189 Umin at 12.2 m) capacity.
  • All treatments are under pressure of the pump.
  • The pressure at spray jets is 10 psig (1.12 bar).
  • The Pump impeller shaft and casing are fitted with a mechanical seal.
  • The pump impeller is mounted directly on the motor shaft.
  • The pump motor is thermally protected and is equipped with a totally enclosed, fan­cooled magnetic starter and sealed bearings requiring no periodic lubrica­tion.

Non-vented System:

  • This allows chamber vapors to be exhausted to the room through a condenser and a HEPA filter located at the back of the unit.

Drain Discharge Cool Down:

  • This feature assures all water is drained from the wash chamber sump to the building draining system.
  • Cold water is automat­ically injected into the sump when the water temperature is too high.
  • Drain dis­charge cooldown will keep the tempera­ture in the drain piping below 140°F (60°C).
  • The unit has three adjustable wheels: two in front and one in the back.
  • All fill valves are mounted at the back of the unit. Draining valves and pumps are located under the wash chamber.
  • The washer interior piping and interior wiring, requiring only one connection for each service and utility hookup.

Steris Reliance 333 Washer Disinfector Safety Features:

  • A safety door switch prevents a cycle from starting when the door is opened.


  • Microcomputer:
    • Monitors and controls washer/disinfector operations and func­tions.
    • Cycle progresses automatically through the designated phases, as pro­grammed.
  • Membrane-type touchpads:
    • Allow oper­ator to select, start, stop, or abort cycles.
  • Display Window:
    • Features a 2-line x 16-character, easy-to-read vacuum fluores­cent display.
    • The display shows cycle status, time, temperature, alarms, and instruc­tional messages.
    • The display also indicates abnormal conditions that may occur dur­ing a cycle.
  • Supervisor Mode:
    • Allows modification of cycle parameters (within a range of fac­tory-set values), and time display and printout units (standard AM/PM or 24-hour/military [MIL]).
    • Service Mode allows service technicians to perform preventive maintenance and testing and facilitates troubleshooting.
  • TEST Cycle:
    • Available for service tech­nicians only.
    • This cycle simplifies testing procedures.
  • Maintenance Due Alarms:
    • Recall and cycle/day count recall system remind the operator when a complete preventive maintenance check is required.
  • Internal Battery:
    • Backs-up all cycle memory for up to 10 years.
    • If a power failure occurs during a cycle, the control battery backup system assures the cycle memory will be retained.
    • Even if the RAM battery should fail, factory set values will be saved in the control main flash memory.

Steris Reliance 333 Washer Disinfector CYCLE DESCRIPTION:

NOTE: ADVISORY NOTE: We do not intend, recommend nor represent in any way that this Reliance 333 Washer/ Disinfector be used for the terminal disinfection or sterilization of any regulated medical device. Reliance Washer/Disinfectors are intended only to perform an initial step in the reprocessing of soiled, reusable medical devices. If medical devices will be contacting blood or compromised tissues, such devices must be terminally reprocessed in accordance with current Good Hospital Practices before each use in human patients.

NOTE: Always refer to instrument manufacturer for recommended cleaning procedures.

The Reliance 333 Washer/Disinfector features three factory-set cycles:

  • The Reliance 333 Washer Disinfector features three factory-set cycles:
    • MICRO 2 (microsur­gery)
    • MIS 3 (minimally invasive sur­gery)
  • These are to accommodate typical loads and processing requirements.
  • Each cycle can be programmed to include up to eight separate treatments.

Standard Available Treatments Include:

  • Two pre-washes
  • One pulsed enzyme wash
  • One pulsed enzyme rinse
  • One wash</li>
  • One rinse
  • One thermal rinse (with lubricant)
  • (An optional drying phase is also available.)
  • Once a cycle is selected, the washer/ disinfector automatically processes the load through the pre-programmed treat­ments.
  • Cycle values are locked in and cannot be changed until the cycle is completed.

Three Additional Cycles:

  • CYCLE 4
  • CYCLE 5
  • CYCLE 6
  • Each may be pro­grammed to suit specific needs.
  • CYCLE 6:
    • May be programmed as a spe­cial DRYING cycle if the optional drying system is ordered (see Options).


Cycle is provided to pre­vent the formation of biofilm or scale in the wash chamber and piping without the need for additional cycle programming.

  • On Initial Startup:
    • Pressing the ON/OFF pushbutton will place the control and unit in the operating mode.
    • (It is recom­mended the unit be left on at all times, except for major service or maintenance.)
  • When the desired touchpad symbol is pressed to start a cycle, the washer/ disinfector will automatically process the load through the following factory-set treatments:
  • PRE-WASH 1 Cycle:
    • Sump fills with cold tap water from the building supply line; the load is pre-washed for 45 seconds (factory set), then water is sent to drain.
  • PRE-WASH 2 Cycle:
    • Sump fills with cold tap water from the building supply line; the load is pre-washed for three minutes (adjustable from three to 15 minutes), then water is sent to drain.
  • Wash:
    • Sump fills with enzyme deter­gent-injected hot tap water from the building supply line; the load is pulsed for four minutes (adjustable from four to 15 minutes), then the solution is sent to drain.
  • Rinse:
    • Sump fills with hot tap water from the building supply line. Enzyme rinse time is 20 seconds (factory-set).
    • The solution is sent to drain.
  • WASH Cycle:
  • Wash:
    • Sump fills with detergent injected hot tap water from the build­ing supply line (minimum 110°F [ 43°C] and heated up to 140°F (60°C).
    • The load is sprayed for three min­utes (heated three to 15 minutes), then the solution is sent to drain.
  • Rinse:
    • The load is pulsed with hot tap water from the building supply line. Rinse time is 20 seconds (factory set).
    • Sump fills with hot purified water from the building supply line, or from optional purified water generator.
    • The solution is heated to 180- 2030F (82.2-95°C). Purified water is sprayed on the load until the preset temperature is reached.
    • Lubricant is added to the purified water during filling (if selected).
    • Once the preset temperature is reached, the solution is sprayed over the load for one minute (adjustable from one to 15 minutes), then the solution is sent to drain.
    • NOTE: Items processed during the Thermal Rinse phase will reach a maximum of 183°F (83.8°G) if thermal rinse temperature is set at 180°F (82.2°G), or 206°F (96.6 °G) if thermal rinse temperature is set at 203 °F (95°C).
  • Optional DRYING:
    • The drying tem­perature can be preset LOW or HIGH. Drying time is five minutes (adjustable from one to 60 minutes). The door can be opened at any time during the Drying phase.
    • NOTE: Items processed during the Drying phase will reach a maximum temperature of 200°F (93°C) if drying temperature is set at LOW, or 240°F (115°G) if drying temperature is set at HIGH.


  • Load Lifting Door:
    • Automated door lift mechanism facilitates loading and unloading of manifold accessory racks.
    • When the door is open, the load lifting door allows the operator to raise or lower the door by pressing the DOOR UP/ DOOR DOWN toggle switch.
    • The door can be raised or lowered and stopped at any height to provide an adjustable, ergonomic loading /unloading platform.
    • Gearbox motor and chain drive mecha­nism are located under the unit.
  • Drying System:
    • Located at the bottom of the unit, consists of a pre-filter, blower, HEPA filter, and electrical heating ele­ments.
    • The heating elements can be acti­vated in a special high/low power config­uration to enhance the heating process.
    • A second HEPA filter, located at the outlet of the wash chamber, reduces the risk of contamination in the room (caused by contaminated items treated in the wash chamber).
    • Drying cycle time is adjust­able from one to 60 minutes.


  • MIS (minimally invasive surgery) Rack (for MIS 3 cycle only):
    • Allows the operator to clean rigid MIS instruments efficiently.
    • The manifold rack automatically connects to the washer/ disinfector to maximize the efficiency of cleaning and low-level disinfection.
    • MIS instruments are connected to special spray jets, lumened holders, and irrigation tubes, to allow a constant flow of solution inside hard-to-reach areas of the instruments.
    • Extra trays can be used to clean small miscellaneous instrument components such as handles, connections, end caps, compression springs, etc.
    • NOTE: The MIS Rack must be used with the MIS 3 cycle, including the enzyme treatment, to assure efficient cleaning of rigid MIS instruments.
  • Instrument Tray with Cover:
    • The size is approx­imately 10-1/2 x 21″ (267 x 533 mm).
  • Two-Level Instrument Rack:
    • Holds up to four large instruments trays (two on each level), eight small instrument trays (four on each level), or two or four micro­surgery trays.
    • The rack can also be used to clean miscellaneous instrument trays.
  • Remote Printer Kit:
    • Help the super­visor monitor cycles and cycle values, as well as any abnormal conditions (faults) that may occur during a cycle.
    • An RS- 232 connection is located on the back of contactor box.
  • Countertop:
    • Available for the tops of freestanding washer /disinfectors. Coun­tertop is Formica®1 brand laminate.
    • 1Formica® is a registered trademark of Formica Corporation.
  • Installation Kit:
    • Kit includes an electrical cable for specific voltages, service han­dles, and pressure regulators to facilitate installation and maintenance.
  • Seismic Anchorage Kit:
    • Is available for high risk seismic zones.
  • Two Types of Water Treatment Systems:
    1. Purified Water Generator:
      • Generates heated deionized water from a customer building hot tap water.
    2. Water Softener System:
      • Treats and eliminates hardness of building water to improve customer water quality.


  • The washer/disinfector is designed as a fully enclosed cabinet for recessing (under-counter) or freestanding installation.
  • Casters and flexible utility connections are provided for the washer/disinfector to allow the unit to be moved into and out of its mounting location for maintenance purposes.

Steris Reliance 333 Washer Disinfector TECHNICAL DATA:

  • Resistive Temperature Devices (RTDs) sense temperature inside the sump and wash chamber.
  • These signals converted into electrical impulses, provide accurate control inputs and readouts throughout the entire cycle.
  • Individual temperature calibrations can be made by a trained service technician.
  • Water level sensors monitor the water level of the sump in the wash chamber.
  • If water level and/or temperature sensor failure occurs, an alarm will sound.


  1. Pipe sizes shown on rough-in drawing indicate terminal outlets only. Building service lines (not provided) must supply the specified pressures and flow rates.
  2. Customer must assure the washer/disinfector stands on a noncombustible, non-slip floor.
  3. Isolation valves, vacuum breakers, main breaker (or fuse) disconnect switch box, junction box, and connectors on utility lines to the washer/disinfector as required are not provided.



  • 220-240V,60Hz, 1-Phase,27.9Amps
  • 208 V, 60 Hz, 3-Phase, 23.1 Amps
  • 460 V, 60 Hz, 3-Phase, 10.1 Amps
  • 220-240 V, 50 Hz, 1-Phase, 27.9 Amps*
  • 380-415 V, 50 Hz, 3-Phase, 12.1 Amps*
  • * CE-marked

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