Steelco DS 900/1000 Washer

  • Steelco DS 900/1000 Washer

The Steelco DS 900/1000 Washer has an 18 DIN tray capacity and are the largest Steelco washer disinfector models designed to meet the increased reprocessing needs of CSSD.

These machines assure consistently tested and efficient washing-disinfecting performances.

These models are available in standard or Fast Cycle configurations, saving cycle time (total cycle time reduced up to 30 minutes) and reaching higher levels of energy and water savings.

The ergonomic design of the door level height allows the user a convenient loading/unloading job.

A powerful vertically installed washing pump ensures a high water flow rate combined with effective spray pressure and also grants a complete drain of the washing circuit.


Steelco DS 900/1000 Washer Features

  • Washing arms Low friction bearings ease chamber and cart washing arms rotation for an improved efficiency of the washing and drying phases.
  • Washing cart automatic identification.
  • Triple water filtering system captures residue preventing re-circulation.
  • Active water coupling system The connection system of the hydraulic circuit, between the washer and the washing cart, allows a tight seal junction for a more efficient cleaning and uniform disinfection temperature coverage.
  • Chamber vol. ~500 lt / ~132.09 Gal US
  • Wash cart vol. ~350 lt / ~92.46 Gal US

Steelco DS 900/1000 Washer Specifications

Load Capacity

  • 18 DIN Trays


  • DS 900 – single door washer-disinfector
  • DS 1000 – double door washer-disinfector
  • DS 900 1S / DS 900 2S / DS 900 3S – single door, fast cycle washer disinfectors
  • DS 1000 1S / DS 1000 2S / DS 1000 3S – double door, fast cycle washer disinfectors

Washer Dimensions

  • * W D H: mm 1100 960 1940 // inches 43.30 37.80 76.38
  • *same dimensions for the Fast Cycle versions.

Narrow frame configuration

All models can also be configured into a narrow frame to reduce their width to 900mm only.
Please check with your Reginal Sales Manager for availibility.

  • Washer dimensions for Standard Cycle (WxDxH): mm 900 x 960 x 1940 / inches 35.43 x 37.80 x 76.38
  • Washer dimensions for Fast Cycle (WxDxH): mm 900 x 960 x 2620 / inches 35.43 x 37.80 x 104.72