Stainless Steel Stands

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Mayo Stands
We offer our heaviest stainless-steel mayo stands with a weighted base under a stainless-steel housing for maximum stability and caster-protection. Lighter-weight Mayos in stainless-steel and chrome serve alternate sites, such as exam rooms and emergency rooms, with a variety of sizes and bases.
Our highly-regarded product line continues with solution stands – with or without shelves – and even a height-adjustable unit to keep the basin fitting snugly in the frame, protecting contents. Whether used for instruments or sponges, these products perform optimally under even the most trying conditions.
Kick Buckets
Our Kickbuckets have a continuous encircling rubber bumper with stainless steel cross braces that provide excellent protection for the receptacle. You can choose from 8.5 qt. or 13 qt. receptacle. All of our kick buckets are Constructed from heavy gauge stainless steel.
IV and Solution Stands
Our IV stands, Mayo stands and solution stands travel smoothly and stand firm. We are happy to recommend the appropriate stand for any mode of operation and budget.

Our heaviest stainless-steel IV stands come with a high-quality, rounded, die-formed base, providing you: (a) no flat surfaces for dirt to collect; (b) a safe housing for casters with no projections; (c) great balance and tip resistance from four-legged support. We also offer lighter-weight stainless and chrome IV stands on four- and five-legged bases, and even a heavy-duty, six-legged base with a variety of height-adjustment mechanisms and accessories


Stainless Steel Stands Options

Seattle Technology offers a wide range of stainless steel stands and IV poles. Please feel free to contact us for further details. Click on the add to quote button and, let us know what you are interested in and one of our Regional Sales Managers will contact you.