Skytron 7000 Microsurgery Table

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Every aspect of the Skytron 7000 Microsurgery Table has been optimized for Microsurgery. The table combines all the traditional degrees of articulation for general surgery with a totally unique 4-way lateral/longitudinal slide to facilitate microscope procedures. Not only does the table offer 4-way slide, but it also features a return-to-center feature that is operated via the custom-designed foot control.


Skytron 7000 Microsurgery Table Features

  • The extreme Trendelenburg position adds an additional dimension of safety when performing craniotomy procedures in a seated position. The extra degree of elevation permits the patient to be quickly and safely repositioned to place the main torso into a horizontal position.
  • The two-piece Back Section better facilitates surgeon access on adults and pediatrics when performing a craniotomy and upper spinal procedures.


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