Skytron 3600B Surgical Table

The Skytron 3600B Surgical Table UltraSlide tables represent the visionary benchmark in top slide surgical table design, including even greater imaging versatility, lift and articulation power. Expanded features provide optimal patient positioning and C-arm access with 23” Top Slide, 1,000 lb. lift, 800 lb. articulation and full table functions. Additional features include removable back and leg sections, Auto Beach Chair position, 30° tilt, Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg, and more. Optional Infrared (IR) Wireless Table Control is also available.


Skytron 3600B Surgical Table Features

  • 1000 pound lift
  • 800 pound articulate capacity
  • 24 inch minimum table height
  • 23 inch top slide travel
  • 57 inch imaging window capacity
  • Return-to-level
  • Auto Beach Chair Position
  • Removable back and leg sections
  • Full body imaging without special accessories
  • Durable one-touch pendant control
  • Battery power

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