Skytron 3503 EZ SLIDE Surgical Table

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Featuring convenient top slide and the highest table height in our portfolio, the 3503 EZ Slide is designed with the surgical team in mind. Imaging and surgical access are easy with 21″ of top slide, allowing for movement of the patient through the imaging window with just the click of a button. Featuring our highest table height, the 3503 EZ Slide give comfortable working access to a broad range of specialties.


Skytron 3503 EZ SLIDE Surgical Table Features

  • With 21” of top slide, the 3503 EZ Slide makes full-body imaging convenient. A simple click of a button effortlessly moves the patient toward the C-arm, eliminating the need for risky repositioning.
  • 700 lb lift and 600 lb articulation weight capacity
  • Articulation weight capacity is never compromised by top slide
  • 7 1/2″ slide to head
  • 13” slide to foot
  • Removable leg section for quick accessory attachment and positioning
  • Table height adjustable from 25” to 43”
  • Maximum table height of 43″ gives comfortable, waist-height access for taller surgeons
  • 20° lateral tilt
  • 30° Trendelenburg and 30° reverse Trendelenburg
  • One-touch pendant control is durable and features an inexpensive rebuild program that eliminates the need for costly replacement