Skytron 3501B EZ Slide Surgical Table

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Skytron 3501B EZ Slide is a universally versatile surgical table providing excellent imaging flexibility, clinical versatility, and cost-effectiveness. EZ Slide provides an impressive range of full-body imaging and articulating table functions as required for C-arm imaging orientations, without the use of multiple support accessories or having to reposition the patient. One touch of a button does it all!


Skytron 3501B EZ Slide Surgical Table Features

  • 700 lb. lift, 600 lb. articulate capacity
  • 21” top slide
  • Removable leg section
  • Perfect for Vascular, Neuro, Ortho, and Urology
  • Return-to-level
  • Full articulation capacity
  • Full body imaging without the need for special accessories
  • Durable back-lit pendant control
  • Battery power

Skytron 3501B EZ Slide Specifications


  • Length w /o head rest: 69 in. (1750mm)
  • Length with head rest: 82 in. (2080mm)
  • Width (back / seat plate): 19.75 in. (500mm)
  • Width with side rails (back / seat plate): 21.75 in. (550mm)
  • Weight: 827 lbs. (376kg)
  • Permissible Load: 700 lbs. (320kg) Lift / 600 lbs. (275kg) Articulation

Adjustments Via Hand Control

  • Height: 26-45 in. 660-1140mm
  • Lateral tilt (left/right): 20°
  • Trendelenburg: 25°
  • Reverse Trendelenburg: 20°
  • Power Kidney Bridge: 6 in. Lift 150mm Lift
  • Back up/down: 90°/40°
  • Leg up/down: 2°/98°
  • Return to level (anatomically correct return to horizontal position from articulated positions)
  • Top slide/head: 7.5 in. 195mm
  • Top slide/foot: 13.5 in. 335mm
  • Flex/Reflex: 40°/90°