Siemens Mobilett XP Portable X-Ray Machine

MOBILETT XP features an integrated cable design – eliminating loose cables that can get tangled or caught on objects during transport. The integrated cable design also enables easy arm positioning and makes the system easy to clean


Siemens Mobilett XP Portable X-Ray Machine Features

  • The self-calibrating high imaging output, up to 30 kW and 360 mAs (for 230 V line operation), enables short exposure times down to 1 ms – virtually eliminating motion blurring.
  • Remarkably sharp images, made possible by the short exposure times, enhance its utility in chest imaging and neonatal units
  • MOBILETT XP is the optimal choice for semi-sterile environments such as ICU, CCU, neonatal and pediatric departments, or the wards
  • The X-ray examination is easy to complete with the MOBILETT XP