Siemens ARCADIS Orbic C-Arm

  • Siemens ARCADIS Orbic C-Arm

The ARCADIS Orbic mobile C-arm system provides fast scan times matched with enhanced image quality. The ARCADIS generates 2D images of the human anatomy in only 30 seconds in 1K2 resolution or 60 seconds for 100 2D images. ARCADIS Orbic C-arm machines can be equipped with the direct 3D navigation interface NaviLink 3D, or choose the integrated optical navigation platform NaviVision 3D.

ARCADIS Orbic’s software is designed to support the entire clinical workflow, from patient registration to image documentation. Patient data can seamlessly be transferred from the hospital information system to your C-arm worklist. Two distinctive features of the ARCADIS Orbic mobile C-arm are true isocentric orbital movement and 190° orbital movement with 95° overscan. Due to this technology, this unit does not require horizontal or vertical readjustment in order to keep viewing area centered and focused.


Siemens ARCADIS Orbic C-Arm Features

The Siemens ARCADIS Orbic C-Arm system provides fast scan times matched with enhanced image quality.

The Siemens ARCADIS Orbic C-Arm gives you Enhanced Precision in the OR

  • The isocentricity makes all the difference.
    The isocentric design and 190° orbital movement of ARCADIS Orbic offer virtually unlimited projection flexibility. This eliminates the need for C-arm repositioning and enables both time and dose savings. It is well suited for intraoperative use in a multitude of clinical fields, e.g., in pain management, orthopedic, trauma and spine surgery.

The Siemens ARCADIS Orbic C-Arm gives you Precise Imaging and Perfect Visualization

  • Thanks to the optimally matched, fully digital 1K2 imaging chain from image acquisition to viewing and archiving and EASY (Enhanced Acquisition System) with automatic dose, contrast and brightness control, ARCADIS Orbic delivers brilliant images in every situation.

The Siemens ARCADIS Orbic C-Arm gives you Distinctive Design and User-Friendly Operation

  • Thanks to the counterbalanced, isocentric design of the C-arm and the intelligent color coding for fast and precise positioning, ARCADIS Orbic helps to save time and dose and supersedes readjustments by virtually unlimited projection possibilities with 190° orbital rotation.

Improved Clinical Workflow

  • The ergonomic, lightweight, and compact trolley with 180° rotatable as well as vertically and horizontally adjustable monitors mean better maneuverability, less space requirement, and adjustment to every specific need.
  • The syngo® user interface with a Basic/Extended Menu allows for fast and intuitive system operation, image postprocessing, and networking.

Maximum Flexibility in Data Handling

  • ARCADIS Orbic supports virtually all DICOM 3.0 functionalities and delivers almost unlimited options for postprocessing, archiving, and documentation with CD, DVD, and USB.

Truly Digital Navigation

  • ARCADIS Orbic provides NaviLink™, an integrated digital 1K2 navigation interface, that is compatible with the navigation systems of all leading manufacturers.

High Performance for Demanding Applications

  • The powerful imaging hardware of ARCADIS Orbic puts enough power at your fingertips to keep you perfectly prepared for virtually any application. Its tube allows for currents up to 23 mA and for over 50 minutes of fluoro time. At the touch of a button, the enhanced “Power Mode” provides the extra energy required for demanding applications like imaging the lumbar spine.

Intraoperative Imaging Has Never Been Easier

  • ARCADIS Orbic comes equipped with EASY (Enhanced Acquisition System), a bundle of automatic image processing features that make intraoperative imaging easier than ever before. Thanks to EASY, ARCADIS Orbic automatically analyzes the images during acquisition to optimize dose, brightness, and contrast. Even off-center objects are now displayed with excellent clarity. This means a great contribution to an intuitive and smooth workflow and will surely redefine the way you work.

Uncompromising Performance Throughout the Imaging Chain

  • Superior acquisition on one side of the imaging chain demands perfection in visualization on the other side to reveal its full potential. This is why ARCADIS Orbic is equipped with two dedicated medical TFT displays that deliver flicker-free visualization on large 19” screens at high contrast and brightness. With an extraordinarily wide viewing angle of 170° and a highly ergonomic mounting on the trolley, the monitors adapt to any situation and specific requirement. The displays are available in color or in a monochrome version for extra brightness. And for all those who want even more, ARCADIS Orbic features a practical monitor-out function to connect external monitors, e.g., ceiling mounted monitors.

Ingenious Features to Support Your Workflow

  • ARCADIS Orbic knows what you need and what is important during examinations, because the operational concept of ARCADIS Orbic is entirely workflow-based, and the system was designed with a priority on ease of use and ergonomics.

Quick System Navigation With Task Cards

  • With its unique Task Cards, ARCADIS Orbic puts all control elements you need at your fingertips right from the start. The Task Cards offer a Basic Menu with easy user-guidance for fastest orientation and operation. Whenever needed, you can switch to an Extended Menu that delivers additional information and control elements with a single mouse click.

Simply Click and Go Ahead

  • The Examination Task Card provides you with a large range of medical applications. The specific programs are intuitively selected using VPA (Virtual Patient Anatomy). Simply click on the VPA body region to be examined to select the appropriate application program optimized to perform the task. Up to 200 dedicated, application-specific programs are available.

Advanced Footswitch Operability

  • The multifunction footswitch, which is available as an alternative to the standard footswitch, enables even more user-friendly and intuitive operation of ARCADIS Orbic. It allows surgeons as well as OR staff to control all operating modes and single image storage. Thanks to the adjustable footswitch setup, pulsed fluoroscopy instead of continuous fluoroscopy can be allocated to a fixed pedal – an easy way to further improve dose saving measures and efficient tube load management.

No Need for the Lightbox

  • Equipped with a fully functional multi-modality workstation, ARCADIS Orbic provides you with the image information you need before, during, and after the OR procedure. Multi-modality viewing allows you to access images from other modalities, such as CT and MR, whenever you need them, while syngo enables intuitive and easy handling.

Workflow-Oriented Throughout With Syngo

  • With its syngo user interface, ARCADIS Orbic enables intuitive system operation from registration through examination and postprocessing to documentation and archiving. The self-explanatory icons make all the image postprocessing capabilities of syngo available to your OR staff with ease. Thanks to syngo, ARCADIS Orbic also offers comprehensive connectivity with other modalities and clinical networks irrespective of the manufacturer and it supports virtually all DICOM functionalities, including DICOM Send/Receive, Storage Commitment, Print, Worklist, Query/ Retrieve, and MPPS. This means maximum flexibility from patient registration through postprocessing to archiving and documentation – a substantial improvement of the daily routine.

Flexibility in Data Storage

  • ARCADIS Orbic supports off-line data storage of images in DICOM format on CD, DVD, or even on a USB memory stick in DICOM or Bitmap. Using DVDs, the built-in DVD burner allows you to store six times as much as will fit on a standard CD. This is especially useful with patients that require multiple 3D scans in one procedure, as all scans will now fit on one single medium. Moreover, ARCADIS Orbic automatically includes a comprehensive syngo DICOM Viewer on every CD and DVD. The images stored on the medium can thus be viewed on every computer, regardless of operating system and platform.

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