Maquet Servo i Universal Ventilator

  • Maquet-Servo-i-Universal-Ventilator

The flexible and adaptable ventilator for all patient categories meets today’s – and tomorrow’s – need for different treatment modalities and clinical situations. The Maquet SERVO-i ventilation platform can be used on a variety of patients from neonatal, pediatric, to adults. It has the ability to handle the most acute phases of respiratory distress through recovery and to the waning phases of the ventilation process. The SERVO-i continuously delivers outstanding ventilator treatment as gently as possible. This is in part to performance, monitoring capabilities, treatment options, and tools. Since this ventilator can be used on a wide variety of patients, it is suitable for any environment from the ICU to the NICU department. The Maquet SERVO-i allows you to choose the treatment option based on your patients’ needs without having to worry about the ventilator’s capabilities.

Servo-i supports both invasive and non-invasive ventilation. It combines the highest level of clinical performance with outstanding mobility and cost efficiency. Ease of training, operation, and maintenance, as well as flexibility and modularity, ensures a low life-cycle cost. The economic benefits in operating this modular platform are considerable: there is no need to scrap and reinvest for different patient categories and situations.

The Servo-i ventilator is easy to use and learn about. The ventilation system provides the information you need, when you need it, allowing fast and appropriate response from the user. The user-friendly interface gives easy access to all settings and even reach the most important parameters through direct access knobs. This way, the clinician is always informed, in control, and able to react.

The SERVO-i ventilation system is an all-in-one platform with advanced features you would normally expect from an advanced system. In patients with ALI and ARDS, it is difficult to identify harmful ventilator patterns, most importantly Barotrauma. The adult and universal SERVO-i configuration have a feature called Stress Index that helps the clinicians detect and prevent potentially high-risk scenarios in adults. The ventilator analyzes changes in the compliance of the respiratory system during the constant flow of controlled breaths. This unit also has a Heliox option which is a low-density gas mixture of helium and oxygen. Heliox is widely recognized as a therapy that minimizes turbulence and improves CO2 elimination.

This ventilator is designed to meet your clinical needs. It’s a single system that offers a broad range of treatment options, which means it is always ready to adapt to your changing medical needs. This ventilator comes in 3 different configurations; infant, adult, and universal. The infant configuration doesn’t have the Stress Index and the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBO) feature. The Adult configuration doesn’t have the Nasal CPAP or the HBO feature.


Maquet Servo i Universal Ventilator Features

  • Enables treatment of all patient categories.
  • Transportation with no loss of treatment quality within and between hospitals.
  • Allows for the investigation of different treatment options like Open Lung Tool and Auto mode.
  • Invasive ventilation.
  • Non-invasive ventilation with leakage compensation.
  • CO2 Analyzer for end-tidal carbon dioxide measurement that may give important insight into the efficiency of the ventilation.
  • Y sensor measurement, for neonatal/pediatric and adult patients. Enables measurement of pressure and flow as close to the patient’s airway as possible.
  • Nasal CPAP.
  • Heliox – gives a more laminar flow that reduces work of breathing.
  • Stress Index – will monitor hyperinflation or repeated alveolar collapse, thus allowing the identification of injurious ventilation (VILI).7
  • Ventilation Record Card – Facilitates research work and presentations.
  • Maquet ventilator accessories and consumables that are fully tested and designed to work optimally with Servo ventilators.

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