Maquet Power LED 500 500 Surgical Light

  • Surgical Lights

The Maquet PowerLED range was developed to enhance and facilitate your daily surgical procedures. Maquet PowerLED is a surgical light that is intuitively easy to use and generates no shadows or overheating. It is dependable, ergonomic and elegant, ideally suited to your needs.

The Maquet philosophy is to make light useful. The AIM system (Automatic Illumination Management) compensates for the loss of illumination due to obstruction. Illumination is controlled intelligently and usefully to maximize visibility in the operating room.

The Power LED 500 500 surgical lights provide a combination of two powerful PowerLed 500 surgical lights. These lights offer a unique “always-in-focus” illumination with an exceptional depth of field. No need to reposition during operations.

A “boost” function, offering spare capacity, is also available to deal with any complications. Unnecessary under normal circumstances, you can boost the light intensity if conditions dictate.


Single Lights

  • 300
  • 500

Dual Lights Combinations

  • 300/300
  • 300/500
  • 500/500

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