Philips Intellivue MP70 Multiparameter Monitor

  • Multiparameter and ECG Monitors
  • Philips MP 30
  • Philips MP 50

The Philips IntelliVue MP70 patient monitor integrates a 15-inch color LCD display with a data processing unit into one device. Eight different waves can be displayed on the screen along with the 12-lead ECG screen. Navigating throughout the menus of the MP70 is easy with its touchscreen display and user-friendly interface. The MP70 has two integrated slots for plug-in modules. You can also use the two-slot recorder module in the integrated slots. Everything you need to operate the monitor is contained on its screen. Almost every element on the screen is interactive, Screen Elements include measurement numerics, waveforms, screen keys, information fields, alarm fields, and menus. The Philips MP70 can be connected to the Multi-Measurement Server (MMS) and any one of the measurement server extensions, as well as the Flexible Module Server.

The Flexible Module Server allows you to use up to eight measurement modules when attached to the Philips IntelliVue MP70. The modules you can attach to the FMS are: Invasive Blood Pressure, Temperature, Oxygen Saturday of Arterial Blood (SpO2), Cardiac output, Transcutaneous Gas, Mixed Venous Oxygen Saturation (SvO2), Recorder, VueLink Device Interface, EEG, Bispectral Index (BIS), and Spirometry. You can plug and unplug all of these modules during monitoring, just insert the module until the lever on the module clicks into place.


Philips Intellivue MP70 Monitor Features

Philips innovative portal technology is available on the versatile MP70 for intermediate and critical care.

  • High-performance monitoring for critical and intermediate care settings
  • “Smart” prioritization of patient information.
  • Touchscreen and SpeedPoint operation
  • SpeedPoint operation designed for easy information input and onscreen navigation (optional on MP70).
  • Customizable viewing options with 10 pre-set screen configurations
  • No separate hard drive and no fan
  • Uninterrupted patient monitoring
  • Bright and easy to read color display
  • Space-saving, quiet, and stable
  • Fast startup

Intellivue MP50 and MP30 units available upon request.

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