Philips Avalon FM50 Fetal Monitor

The Philips Avalon FM50 fetal/maternal monitors offer a solution for both external and internal fetal monitoring applications, and optional non-invasive maternal vital signs. The Avalon FM50 can monitor fetal heart rates (FHRs) externally using ultrasound, uterine activity using a toco transducer. The Maternal heart rate (MHR) is measured using ECG electrodes. This Philips fetal monitor can also measure Non-Invasive Blood Pressure (NIBP) and maternal oxygen saturation (SpO2). Additionally, the FM50 fetal monitor can monitor one FHR internally via direct fetal electrocardiogram (DECG), and uterine activity internally using an intra-uterine pressure (IUP) catheter. This fetal monitor is capable of intrapartum monitoring.

The measurements are displayed on a 6.5-inch color display as numerics. You can operate the FM50 using the touchscreen interface. Measurements are recorded and can be printed out via the onboard recorder.

This fetal monitor is compatible with the Avalon CTS Cordless Fetal Transducer System. Only one CTS Cordless Fetal Transducer system can be connected at a time. The user has the option to either use wired or cordless fetal transducers. Using both wired and wireless together is not supported in this unit. Cordless transducers have priority over wired transducers. When an Avalon CTS base station is connected via the appropriate interface cable, and there are wired transducers connected, the wired transducers are disabled.


Philips Avalon FM50 Fetal Monitor Features

  • Automated coincidence detection with Smart Pulse.
  • The Optional external touch display allows very flexible and ergonomic installations.
  • The Avalon FM series monitors can monitor triplets on a single monitor.
  • Crisp and clear intuitive color touchscreen with large numerics and graphics.
  • Remote display option, including touchscreen capability, for added convenience and safety.
  • Backup memory for seamless monitoring.
  • LAN interface for compatibility with hospital IT networks and access to additional system capabilities.
  • Smart transducers with auto-recognition simplify operation.
  • Transducer plug and play with automatic screen layout to focus on the patient, not the system.
  • Data buffer with multi-patient handling for random printout.
  • Cross-channel verification of maternal and fetal heart rates.
  • Extensive fetal parameters when key information is needed.