Orthoscan Mobile DI

The OrthoScan Mobile DI with the flat detector is the new standard in mini c-arm imaging. Fine details of relevant anatomy are visible due to the increased grayscale and contrast capability of flat detector technology. The OrthoScan Mobile DI reduces the distortion inherent with image intensifier technology, improving diagnostic accuracy.

The portability of OrthoScan Mobile DI offers ease of movement between patient rooms, satellite clinics, urgent care centers, emergency departments, athletic team venues, and military units. Weighing approximately 35 pounds, OrthoScan Mobile DI introduces versatility to orthopedic imaging.


Orthoscan Mobile DI Features

  • Portable, lightweight – offering mobility between patient rooms and satellite offices
  • Extremity Imaging – Adjustment free imaging for varying anatomy and motion
  • Tablet interface – introducing tablet technology for input and display functions
  • Connectivity – wireless communication, DICOM, ERM, and USB Capabilities
  • Optimal Positioning – enables access to shoulders, weight-bearing knee/foot views
  • Flat Detector Technology – Exceptional Image quality with improved dose efficiency
  • Reduces patient wait times
  • Established CPT codes
  • Digital x-ray and fluoroscopy
  • Patients enjoy viewing images in real-time
  • Bring imaging to immobile patients