Orthoscan FD-OR Mini C-Arm

OrthoScan introduces FD-OR, the first mini c-arm with a flat detector. This flat detector design and compact form factor allow optimal positioning in the surgical environment. Exceptional image quality by increased grayscale improves diagnostic accuracy. User-driven design allows optimal image quality with minimal effort. Surgical lights on the undersurface of the x-ray source reduce shadows by providing primary light in the surgical field, illuminating anatomical detail.


Orthoscan FD-OR Mini C-Arm Features

  • Thinnest Flat Detector at 2.5”
  • Over-Rotation up to 150°
  • Surgical LED Lights located on the bottom of the tube head
  • Bilateral Sterile Field Controls conveniently located on each side of the tube head assembly
  • Exceptional Image Quality showing the fine details of relevant anatomy
  • Flat Detector Technology
  • Small and Lightweight