Newport NMI e500 Ventilator

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The device offers direct access to all ventilation controls along with other frequently used functions such as Inspiratory & Expiratory Hold, 3 minute O2, Pre-Silence Alarm, and Preset Vent Settings. Ventilator-set bias flow flushes exhaled CO2 and stabilizes temperature, humidity and baseline pressure in the patient breathing circuit. Slope/Rise Adjustment, Expiratory (Cycling-off ) Threshold, and automatic leak compensation.


Newport NMI e500 Ventilator Features

Neonatal ventilator for effective breath management with enhanced safety features and expanded monitoring.

  • Dual Control Breath Management.
  • Preset Vent Settings, mode, Breath type and settings can be preset without affecting current ventilator operation.
  • Circuit Compliance Compensation (calculate and enable breathing circuit compliance of flow/volume delivery), Altitude Compensation, Violation Message Log.
  • Non-invasive Ventilation, Compatible with mask ventilation for continuous or short term use.
  • O2 Calibration.
  • Pre-Silence Alarm, suspends ventilation while delivering continuous flow after a planned disconnect.
  • Events History Log.

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