Maquet Alphamaxx General Surgical Table

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With a few positioning adjustments and optional accessories, the Maquet Alphamaxx is ideal for operations in gynecology, urology, orthopedics, traumatology and even neurosurgery. The table features electro-hydraulic actuators that control longitudinal shift, lateral tilt, and various table angles. The Alphamaxx adjusts from 23.4 to 41.6 inches in height, allowing clinicians to work comfortably from a sitting or standing position.

An easy click mounting system allows for a wide range of accessories to be quickly added to the table, efficiently transforming the chair for each unique procedure. The durable table’s maximum load capacity is rated at 990 pounds.


Maquet Alphamaxx General Surgical Table Features

  • The Maquet Alphamaxx has unprecedented flexibility when it comes to patient positioning. The head and leg sections are totally interchangeable, not to mention the wide variety of additional table sections that are available to optimize patient positioning.
  • Among the many attachments are a carbon fiber extension that provides unimpaired visibility when using a C-arm. The leg section can also be replaced with traction bars making the table a good choice for trauma centers.
  • The strong column and wide footprint allow the patient to be positioned in normal and reversed orientation without compromising stability. Combine this with the flexibility and connectivity of the patient platform and this table provides the ability to position any patient optimally for surgery without compromising patient comfort.
  • Perhaps one of the most impressive features of this table is its ability to support and position patients weighing as much as 990 lbs. The stable footprint of this table permits the most extreme positions to be accomplished without compromising stability.

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