Hospira SapphirePlus Infusion Pump

Simplicity is on your side with the palm-sized, highly intuitive SapphirePlus™ infusion system. You’ll find confident infusions are second nature, given its robust performance and Hospira MedNet™ safety software. This infusion pump is easy to handle, fast to set up and ready for the future with easy software upgrades.

When time is critical and demand great, you need an infusion pump that is easy to handle, fast to set up, and simple to learn and program. The SapphirePlus infusion system is all of that and more.


Hospira SapphirePlus Infusion Pump Features

  • Reduce complexity at bedside
  • Easily move from one care area to another with its small footprint
  • Add devices without adding cords; the multi-pump cradle and embedded power-mounting option make it possible
  • Accelerate set up for rapid response
  • Snap-on, snap-off pump from cradle attached to infusion pole
  • Make priming easy with straight line tubing and fast set loading
  • Experience intuitive and simple programming
  • Help prevent programming errors; intuitive user interface displays only relevant keystroke options
  • Easily read critical information on large font summary screen