Hospira Abbott Plum XL3 Infusion Pump

The Plum® XL3 Micro/Macro is a multi-line volumetric infusion system designed to meet the growing demand for hospital-wide standardization. The Plum XL3 houses three independent pumping units, each having a primary line, secondary line, and piggyback fluid delivery capability. The Plum XL3 is suited for a wide range of medical/surgical and critical care applications. Full compatibility with LifeCare® PlumSets® administration sets and accessories and the LifeShield® needleless protection systems make the Plum XL3 a convenient and cost-effective infusion system.


Hospira Abbott Plum XL3 Infusion Pump Features

  • Three independently programmable pumps
  • For primary fluids delivery
  • Functional with all types of containers
  • Automatically traps and eliminates air


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