Hologic Insight FD Mini C-Arm

  • Hologic Insight FD Mini C-Arm

Hologic continues to raise the bar for high-quality fluoroscopy imaging with our CsI (cesium iodide) CMOS flat detector and its exclusive rotating capabilities. The CsI material provides high sensitivity, resulting in lower dose and high-quality images. The Fluoroscan InSight mini C-arm system incorporates this rotating flat detector, providing imaging versatility right in the surgical suite, regardless of how challenging the extremity procedure may be. With its smart engineering, this mini C-arm system answers the needs of orthopedic surgeons who require excellent image quality and time-saving, user-friendly instruments, along with the flexibility of having just one system that can handle all their extremity imaging needs.


Hologic Insight FD Mini C-Arm Features

The Hologic Insight FD Mini C-Arm system incorporates the rotating flat detector, providing imaging versatility right in the surgical suite.

New and Innovative Flat Detector Mini C-arm Design

  • Ergonomic flat detector design with ease of positioning for patient/surgeon access
  • Greatest range of motion in a new innovative mini C-arm design
  • Forward tube source design now offers greater C-arm depth
  • Flat detector technology with 75-micron array and 2k x 1.5k resolution

Image Quality to Rival Standard X-ray

  • New image processing algorithms deliver superb image quality
  • Distortion-free images for extremity requirements
  • Large anatomy penetration without the need for an extra dose
  • Automatic imaging with “Dose Optimization” for all extremities

Better Workflow and Improved Productivity

  • Adjustment-free imaging with automatic motion and metal detection
  • User-friendly sterile field controls to meet surgeon needs
  • Touch-screen interface with easy-to-understand controls; swivel & tilt capable
  • Customizable imaging parameters for surgeon-specific requirements

Peripherals and Options to Support Each Customer

  • Wireless multi-functional foot pedal
  • Wireless or wired network connectivity
  • DICOM 3.0 compliant (send, store, print & work list)
  • Multiple printer options that neatly fit into the base cabinet
  • USB and DVD export in standard industry formats

Hologic Insight FD Mini C-Arm Specifications

Image Detector Device CMOS Flat Detector

  • Rotating Detector (180°)
  • Automatic Collimation Rotation
    • Full Field: 5.7” x 4.5” (14.5 x 11.5 cm)
    • Small Field (mag.): 4.4” sq. (11 x 11 cm)


  • 20” LCD Flat Panel Monitor
  • Touch Screen Control
  • Full HD Quality


  • FD C-Arm Depth: 20” (50.6 cm)
  • Free Space (SSD): 14” (36 cm)
  • Orbital Rotation: 120°
  • Horizontal Travel: 23°
  • Vertical Travel: 23” (58 cm)
  • Pivot Rotation: 380°