GE Ohmeda IWS 3300 Infant Warmer

GE’s leading-edge technology and microprocessor help you to enhance accuracy, allowing for precise control. All while being easy to use. Intelligent engineering provides logical, enhanced visibility and accessibility while allowing you to build an Infant Warming System to your exact specifications.

GE Healthcare’s Infant Warming Systems (IWS) are designed to help you provide a warm welcome to the newborns in your care. Cozy warmth. Both while minimizing infant stimulation and supporting developmental care.

GE Healthcare has a solution suited to the varying tasks of hospital care areas. Radiant warmers over bassinets in the nursery. Complete thermoregulation care stations in the NICU. Wall-mounted warmers in the delivery room.


GE Ohmeda IWS 3300 Infant Warmer Features

  • A microprocessor-controlled neonatal management system designed for use in the nursery, OR, delivery room and special birthing unit
  • Primarily intended for long-term and procedural care in the nursery and OB/delivery room
  • Stable thermal performance
  • An easy-to-read, soft touch control panel
  • Adjustable height
  • Dovetail rail system
  • Storage packages