GE OEC 8800 Flexi View C-Arm

The OEC FlexiView 8800 is the latest mobile fluoroscopy system to join the GE OEC line of innovative X-ray imaging products. Learning from the strength of thousands of systems installed worldwide and years of intraoperative imaging experience, GE OEC has created a flexible and economical mobile C-arm with the high quality imaging technology of our premium platform and the simplicity and maneuverability of a compact point-and-shoot system. Now you can experience superb image quality for your conventional intraoperative imaging needs.


GE OEC 8800 Flexi View C-Arm Features

  • 1k x 1k x 16 bit image processing
  • Touchscreen controls
  • AutoTrakTM ABS control
  • Removable digital image storage (static and dynamic)
  • Instant laser quality film printer:
    • Integrated DICOM connectivity
    • Infra-red remote control
  • Maximum Focal Spot: 1.5 mm
  • Motorized Tilting/Pivot Rotation: 370
  • X-ray Generator Power Rating: 2.2 kV


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