GE NuCart Surgical Boom

  • GE-NuCart-Surgical-Boom

The NuCART® displays up to 4 bright, crisp images on high definition medical grade displays that are compatible with signals from surgical video cameras, PACS, fluoroscopy, ultrasound… Because it is mounted on wheels, the system can be rolled wherever it is needed.

The NuCART replaces old-fashioned, bulky video towers and is a more cost-effective solution than suspending equipment and displays from ceiling booms. The best-in-class reach of the arms provides excellent ergonomically comfortable viewing zones on either side of the patient. The long booms can help alleviate tower clutter around the patient because of their 7’+ reach. The spacious shelves help consolidate equipment into a single footprint saving floor space.


GE NuCart Surgical Boom Features

  • Enjoy the flexibility of rolling your monitors into any of your procedure rooms during setup.
  • Get clear on-screen images within your field of view.
  • When you image with an OEC 9900 Elite and view those images on a clear HD NuCART monitor, you can position monitors for your best, most comfortable view.
  • View multiple images at once. The NuCART has two articulating arms, each holding an HD monitor capable of split-screen viewing.
  • Customize your view. The simple touch screen lets you control what’s on each monitor from a central panel, while the DOCS® software maximizes integration performance.
  • Spacious shelves can help consolidate equipment into a single space-saving footprint.
  • Booms fold and nest but maintain an open view so the NuCART is easy to push down the hall.