GE Mini Telemetry Fetal Monitor System

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The GE Mini Telemetry fetal monitoring system is a simple complete wireless monitoring solution that provides you an efficient and enhances workflow for a more comfortable birthing experience for the patient. It is compatible with the watertight Nautilus Transducers. It has a gap-free monitoring system during most birthing processes. It is compatible with existing Corometrics monitors and transducers. It includes wireless telemetry technology with a three port design that allows FHR, Uterine Activity, and EKG monitoring. It also has the ability to perform twin monitoring. For your convenience, it also has an extended life battery for 12 hours. The system also includes a speaker/headphone jack. With its backlit display, battery indicator, and connection status and fetal movement monitoring, this device will make it easier for you to provide the best patient care during the birthing experience.


GE Mini Telemetry System Features

  • Compatible with watertight Nautilus Transducers
  • Gap-free monitoring during most birthing processes
  • Compatible with existing Corometrics monitors and transducers
  • *Mini Transmitter must be kept dry
  • Wireless telemetry technology
  • 3-port design allows FHR, Uterine Activity, and ECG Monitoring
  • Twin Monitoring
  • Extended-life battery of 12 hours
  • Speaker/Headphone jack
  • Backlit display, battery indicator, connection status, and fetal movement. Priority valve conserves tanks so they are available for transport