GE Logiq 200/200 Pro

  • GE Logiq 200/200 Pro GE Ultrasound Machine

The GE Logiq 200/200 Pro is just one more example of the breakthroughs evolving regularly from the scientists and clinicians at GE Healthcare. These breakthroughs are designed to provide you with unmatched image quality and diagnostic confidence. With unprecedented productivity tools for department-wide productivity. And with a clearly defined upgrade path to help you stay affordable at the forefront of ultrasound technology. The Logiq 200/200 Pro Integrate the simplicity and reliability developed through the RT3200 continuum of enhancements in a platform designed to receive both current and future technological upgrades.


GE Logiq 200/200 Pro Features

  • High-Resolution monochrome display
  • Digital, high-performance system
  • Simple operation

GE Logiq 200/200 Pro Specifications

  • Display:
    • Advanced Wave Shaping
    • High-precision Digital Beamformer
    • Wideband transducers
    • High-resolution display
  • Productivity:
    • Automatic Tissue Optimization
    • Live Picture-in-Picture [PiP]
    • Expanded reporting
    • Portable and ready to scan
    • Digital Image Management
  • User Progress:
    • Breakthrough technologies
    • Programmable Digital Beamformer