GE Dash 2500 Multiparameter Monitor

The GE Dash 2500 monitor is a dependable, cost-effective bedside monitor that gives you the clinical intelligence you need to assess and treat your patients with speed, accuracy, and attention.
Just because the monitor is cost-effective, does not mean it is any less sophisticated or durable. The monitor includes clinical parameters to capture vital patient measurements and exceptional cardiac monitoring to help accurately detect arrhythmias. The Dash 2500 is designed for demanding clinical environments. Its durability will be well suited in any working environment. It is also chemically resistant; therefore powerful cleaners will not damage the monitor.
The GE Dash 2500 monitor is user-friendly and easily configurable to suit your viewing preferences and information requirements. The monitor’s compact size and weight make the Dash 2500 easily portable. You are able to transfer patients throughout the facility and maintain an uninterrupted flow of data. The monitor also offers a long battery life.


GE Dash 2500 Multiparameter Monitor Features

  • 3 and 5 lead ECG -> EK-Pro arrhythmia analysis
  • Respiration monitoring
  • Non-invasive blood pressure -> DINAMAP SuperSTAT, The Gold Standard for NIBP accuracy
  • Pulse Oxymetry -> Masimo SET or Nellcor OxiMax SpO2
  • emperature: Alaris Turbo Temp.