GE Carescape B850 Monitor

  • Multiparameter and ECG Monitors

The GE Carescape B850 is a high acuity modular monitor. Internal CPU w/ capability to drive two video displays.

The clinically advanced CARESCAPE Monitor B850 helps caregivers by providing clinical tools and parameters to meet even the highest acuity patient needs. Designed by clinicians for clinicians, the monitor is fully modular and configurable to meet your ever-changing clinical demands, to help ensure reliable results at every stage of patient care. Exceptional clinical intelligence is delivered through a comprehensive set of parameters, including innovative gas and respiratory monitoring. The CARESCAPE Monitor B850 supports cardiac diagnostic excellence with the GE EK-Pro algorithm and two-way communications with the MUSE ECG management system, providing ECG serial comparison capability. All of this is delivered in an intuitive, easy-to-use interface powered by Linux®.


GE Carescape B850 Monitor Features

  • Seamless data flow
  • Customizable alarms
  • Offering a comprehensive set of parameters
  • Designed to leverage the networks you already use while enabling cost-effective access to technology that will support quality outcomes in the future
  • Meets even the highest acuity patient needs and help ensure reliable results at every stage of patient care

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