The GE CARESCAPE B650 combines the best of Marquette and Datex-Ohmeda into one platform. It has an intuitive design that allows for easy training for all staff experience levels, and upgradeability protects your long-term system investments. The CARESCAPE B650 offers a wide set of clinical measurements with advanced parameter modules. Innovative algorithms aid in accurate diagnoses, including GE EK-Pro, GE DINAMAP non-invasive blood pressure, and as-SL diagnostic ECG with 2-way MUSE communication.


GE CARESCAPE B650 Monitor Features

  • 15” display (Diagonal)
  • Backward compatibility with many existing Marquette electronics and Datex-Ohmeda components.
  • Dedicated software and parameters for anesthesia, PACU, Critical Care, Emergency Care, and NICU care areas.
  • User-controlled views from 8 – 14 waveforms with overlays and insets.
  • Integrated USB ports for a keyboard, mouse, barcode readers, and other data entry device attachment.