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The Evita 4 edition takes this popular ICU ventilator to yet another level, combined with design refinements that redefine user value. High quality and long-lasting components characterize this proven ICU ventilator platform.

The Dräger Evita 4 was designed to meet the demanding requirements of the ICU environment by improving the interactions between patient, ventilator, and clinician. The functional touch screen continually provides the clinician information on ventilator settings, patient measurements and advanced trending capabilities which enhances the operation of the device. Unique features and modalities such as AutoFlow™ and APRV are standard on all Evita 4 ventilators.



Drager Evita 4 Ventilator Features

  • One ventilator for every patient Evita 4 edition is designed to accommodate patients from neonate* to adult with conventional or non-invasive ventilation. With a wide range of options, it allows you to quickly realize daily routine functions and sophisticated ventilation therapy.
  • Every Evita 4 edition offers volume and pressure controlled ventilation as well as spontaneous breathing modes. Additionally, it is equipped with powerful weaning functionalities.
  • The device’s modular design ensures upgradeability and upward compatibility while the user interface and sensors provide a high degree of familiarity and consistency.

Evita XL and 2 units also available upon request.

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