Drager Fabius GS Anesthesia Machine

  • Drager Fabius GS

The Drager Fabius GS Anesthesia Machine offers convenient, modern features in a compact, versatile system. With electronic gas-flow measurement and intelligent cable management, the Fabius GS is designed with the end user in mind.



  • 224 lbs. (101.6 kg) (base unit without vaporizers or cylinders)


  • (W) 89.5 cm x (H) 130 cm x (D) 82 cm (35.2 x 51.2 x 32.3 inches)

Power Supply

  • 100 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 2.3 A max
  • Battery (supports ventilator and monitor) > 45 min


  • E-vent Electronically controlled, electrically driven

Operating Modes Standard

  • Manual/Spontaneous
  • Volume Control (IPPV)


  • Pressure Control (PCV)
  • Pressure Support (PS)
  • Synchronized Volume Controlled Ventilation w/PS (SIMV/PS)


Safety functions

  • Sensitive Oxygen Ratio Controller (S-ORC) guarantees a minimum O2 concentration of 23% in an O2/N2O mixture. N2O cut-off if O2 fresh gas valve is closed or if O2 flow is less than 0.2 L/min.
  • Audible and visual (flashing red LED)indication in case O2 pressure drops below 20 psi (1.38 bar) ± 4 psi (0.27 bar). In case of electricity and battery failure, manual ventilation, gas delivery and gent delivery are possible. Positive pressure relief valve opens at 75 ± 5 cmH2O. Negative pressure relief valve opens at – 7.5 to – 9 cmH2O.

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