Datascope Spectrum OR Monitor

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Designed specifically for today's anesthesiologist, the Datascope Spectrum OR comes to you with a long history of reliability and success. Based on the well-known Passport 2В and SpectrumВ platforms, Datascope Spectrum OR now offers specific OR parameters including Spirometry, BISx level-of-consciousness monitoring, and MAC. Datascope Spectrum OR has the features you demand from a peri-anesthesia monitor – ECG, non-invasive blood pressure, SpO2 and temperature and incorporates the things that make monitoring easier – optimal display visibility, quick-access menus, one-touch function keys, and multiple trend capabilities. Datascope Spectrum OR offers a complete anesthesia monitoring package with high acuity options such as cardiac output, hemodynamic calculations and up to four invasive blood pressures. Truly scalable, Datascope Spectrum OR enables you to easily adjust your monitoring capabilities for each case.


Datascope Spectrum OR Monitor Features

  • Built-in, vivid 12.1-inch display with auto-adjustable large numerics and waveforms for optimal visibility.
  • Includes the standard functions you need for perianesthesia monitoring including 3 or 5-lead ECG, non-invasive blood pressure, Masimo SET.
  • Motion-tolerant SpO2, temperature, and drug calculations.
  • Offers various options to best meet your department’s needs including micro stream, CO2, BISx Module, Nellcor, OxiMax, SpO2, cardiac output, continuous cardiac output/SvO2*, invasive blood pressures, ST and arrhythmia analysis and more.