Datascope Passport EL Monitor

  • Multiparameter and ECG Monitors

Designed for surgery, bedside and transport applications. The Datascope Passport EL monitor has a 36-square inch electroluminescent screen to ensure optimal visibility from virtually any angle. The Passport EL also has list trend capabilities providing up to 120 measurements and rapid review of patient data and simplified record keeping. The Passport EL features ECG, NIBP, INVASIVE BP, pulse oximetry, respiration, temp, and recorder. 


Datascope Passport EL Monitor Features

  • Compact bedside and transport use for maximum monitoring flexibility
  • Adult to neonatal capability with respiration
  • List trend of up to 120 measurements to aid record keeping and easy review of patient data
  • Alarm status is instant and simple
  • Unique Datasette replaceable cartridge makes software enhancements fast and easy
  • Single function keys for ease of use
  • Fast response CO2 sensor verifies intubation and allows clinical assessment of ventilation
  • Built-in Printer/recorde

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