Curlin 4000 CMS Ambulatory Infusion Pump

The 4000 Clinical Management System (CMS) is a unique, multi-therapy ambulatory electronic infusion pump capable of Continuous, PCA, PCEA, Subcutaneous, TPN, Intermittent, and Variable modes.


Curlin 4000 CMS Ambulatory Infusion Pump Features

Application flexibility provides the ability to meet your specific workflow needs. Access to actionable reports and detailed infusion information enhances device performance.
Ability to deliver at low rates with a flow resolution that is up to 25 times better than any other ambulatory pump on the market. Works synergistically with a PC. Improves outcomes and reduces the risk of programming errors.
Programming simplicity matched with menu-driven protocols and context-sensitive HELP screens result in an extremely easy to use infusion device.
Reduces Total Cost
The simplicity of operation, reliable and dependable technology, and low-cost all PVC administration sets effectively reduce ownership costs through training cost savings and reduced purchasing costs.