Conmed System 5000 Electrosurgical Unit

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The Conmed 5000™ Electrosurgery Unit (ESU) unites technology with versatility providing the opportunity to fine-tune the electrosurgical generator to specific procedure and surgeon preferences. Unique modes on the System 5000™ include the Fluids Mode, for an additional boost of energy in procedures taking place in a fluid environment, and Lap Mode, which limits open circuit voltages to below 2700 volts in all modes and reduces the potential risk of inadvertent burns from capacitive coupling.


Conmed System 5000 Electrosurgical Unit Features

Dynamic Response Technology

The System 5000™ generator features proprietary Dynamic Response Technology. This technology delivers optimal clinical effects in all operational modes through the continuous synchronization of current and voltage. Advanced Digital Signal Processing architecture enables the system to sample current and voltage over 450,000 times per second and adjust the output accordingly to deliver consistent tissue effect.

Easy to use

The System 5000’s ergonomic design and intuitive interface have been designed for easy, stress-free use in the high-pressured surgical environment. The durable electrosurgical unit includes user-programmed memory settings, which are easy to switch for different procedures or surgeons.


System 5000 meets the procedure-specific energy output required for robotic surgery and has been formally validated for use with the Da Vinci Surgical System. A custom energy activation cable seamlessly connects the two advanced pieces of equipment, and this compatibility provides a sophisticated, minimally invasive option for performing major surgery.


  • General Mode, traditionally used in open procedures.
  • Fluids Mode – a Quick start-up in fluid environments, such as urology or arthroscopy.
  • Laparoscopic Mode, Limits output voltage to minimize potential harmful effects of capacitive coupling and insulation breakdown.
  • Pulse Cut, useful when a precise cutting effect is needed around delicate structures.
  • Pulse Coag provides superficial homeostasis via pulsing bursts of coagulation energy.
  • Bipolar Output Meter provides feedback on desiccation levels via audible and visual indicators.
  • ARM (Automatic Return Monitoring), provides advanced warning of a compromised patient to dispersive electrode contact.
  • Optional cart availible